2022 Volkswagen Taos consumer reviews

$23,495–$25,540 MSRP range
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61% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 3.6
  • Value for the money 3.5
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 3.9
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Don't buy

Day 1 I brought it I heard a rat in the dash board I told the dealership they said their isn't a rat..... my radio would freeze and go black randomly.... then the back up camera would randomly come up saying that it can't be displayed.... after my second oil change the mechanic heard them xxxx thing after 4 months of saying there was...... then I got a check engine on saying something about the emission valve come to find out that it was the valve and the pump needed to be changed at 19000 I asked to check the brakes and shocks they said it was fine.. one month later I heard grinding took it to Firestone and said the one back brake on the passenger side was metal on metal.. took it the dealership they said it was unsafe to drive after 5 days bc of a back order of rotors they informed me that they said it was my fault for excessive braking which makes no noise how do u excessive on one brake on the back side and the rest was fine they charged me the 300 and they covered the rest of 293 by dealership.... now 7 months after having the car their was a knocking noise in engine and burning oil smell... had it transported to the dealership close by to my new home they said the knocking noise was coming back from the gas that's what diagnostic said and while doing my last oil change they found the brake that I just had to changed now on the driver back side is at 2 mm.. so they had to replace the caliber,rotors and brakes again lucky under warranty then they found that my oil is leaking now the gasket needs to be changed now they let me take the car home after 1 month of having it while we wait for a special tool to fix the gasket so my oil will stop leaking....the car violently Jerks sometimes when stop at the light when the ignition shuts off,the lane assist will randomly shut off... I am trying to a buy back thing from volkswagen if they don't buy this jerk back that I have been complaining about since day 1 ppl say sue for lemon law with all the problems... this car is ridiculous....


Almost good

I have had my Taos for nearly 1 year now, and it has been an overall fine vehicle, but with a couple glaring issues. The first is the transmission, which quite frankly, is embarrassing at lower speeds. I thought that it would smooth out over time since I was coming from an 8-cylinder pickup that I drove for 12 years before getting the Taos, but at low speed the acceleration can get very clunky, and bad enough to even jerk the vehicle around. The slow getup makes it difficult to navigate through traffic, and is even more of a headache in stop-and-cuss traffic. The other glaring issue is that there is no way to change your media source type from the steering wheel. I like to switch between FM radio and Spotify, but I have to take my eyes off the road to tap on the center console touchscreen instead. To the Taos' credit, it does handle mountain passes very well, I've driven over 3 of them in Colorado so far and the Taos has performed well in that aspect, you can feel the turbo kick in as you begin to climb and it's a satisfying feeling. Something else that is satisfying is the roomy interior. I'm 6'6" and I fit quite comfortably inside, plenty of head, leg, and knee room! Power seats have a lot of room for adjustments and the steering wheel telescopes. The Taos also handled winter very well, when I drove it on snowpack it did a great job in snow mode. It wasn't quite as good as my old pickup in 4WD, but I felt very confident in the snow with the Taos. I don't regret getting this Taos, since it is just a lease, but it definitely needs improvements. All in all it's a fine car, but until the embarrassing 7-speed transmission gets addressed, I wouldn't recommend the Taos to someone.


Awesome service!

Kevin, Thank you for making the transition peaceful and easy to understand. When getting in the car you made it easy to understand how to adjust my seat before driving off. I hope to see you soon!



Quick, easy, no pressure, equals a beautiful car. I find it strange that I'm giving a review, and you put stipulations on the review, come on! I don't want you to display my name.


Hesitate to buy hesitating Taos

Vehicle one week old: Hi way, hesitates dangerously when pushing accelerator pedal hi-way speed; little road feel in steering; local, same hesitation and at idle moves car in jerky fashion; glass dash board is overly & unnecessarily complex.


Hendricks Volkswagon of frisco

Shopping for my daughters first car is never fun with “sales people”. Well this was not the case. With the shortage of new vehicles in the market it can be very difficult to bargain with the dealerships. Let me be very clear -Hendrick Volkswagen Frisco was great and most of all Robert Fabian was not a regular sales person but was by far the “best” and main reason we purchased there. He was honest, upfront, gave facts only and was not trying to persuade you into anything. Not only did he find us a great car but this location did not have a market increase. ( most dealer right now are adding 3000-5000 on top of msrp). We have bought several cars and I can say this was by far the best experience. Thanks to Robert. Also the finance guy Raymond was not pushy but pleasant. Was upfront on upgrade options and didn’t get rude if you choose not to get any. Thank you Robert Fabian and you will be our first choice when looking for any other new vehicles.


Cute & sporty car

I recently purchased the Taos & so far I love it. This is my first Volkswagen as I drove a Toyota Prius for many years & had to replace after a totaling from an accident. In today’s world it’s so hard to replace a car that you love and if you find something you like you better go ahead and get it or it will be gone tomorrow. We test drove the Taos and purchased it that night. My only complaint so far is the manual back hatch lift. I for some reason thought it came with that and it does not. Not a dealbreaker though just something I thought I would like to have & considering the bells and whistles in the car and the price it seems like it should come with it. I look forward to many journeys with this car it might be better to write a review later after owning it longer but so far we really are enjoying the car.


Fun & Efficient Taos SE 4-Motion

2022 Taos SE 4-Motion: Replaced an Audi Q3 Quattro. Slightly less power, but much better MPG & regular gas vs. premium. For 99% of my driving, more than adequate. Am in San Diego, have taken it w/ 3 people up to the mountains & over to Palm Springs. No problem keeping up w/ traffic & even passing slower traffic when necessary. Averaged 34mpg on that trip. Overall, 28.5mpg in an AWD, I'm satisfied! We love the additional drivetrain configurability the 4-Motion system offers via the mode select dial (N/A on FWD). Being in San Diego, have not experienced snow, but works extremely well in hard rain. Interior is extremely comfortable for 4, w/ lots of luggage space. The digital dash is very clear in all lighting conditions & partially configurable. The SEL gives you full configurability. Sound system was a nice surprise as two cars ago I had a 2013 Tiguan which had a poor sound system WRT fidelity. Cupholders are good! A/C blows nice & cold, w/ rear pax vents. We have the silver wheels (vs. black), 18". Nice balance between sportiness, efficiency, noise, & ride. Matches the chrome roof rails nicely. One minor improvement w/b to offer a power liftgate, but the manual liftgate is easy to use & I'm OK w/o a power liftgate. Price is a bit high, but you do get what you pay for & appreciate that the first two services are complimentary plus the 4 year/50k warranty!!


The Taos is dandy!

I have the Taos se, all wheel drive, standard safety package. I love the car and just got 39 mpg on a recent 60 mile jaunt. The car feels roomier than the Forester, CRV and Rav. I like the radio and temp control dials, the great sun roof and the solid "driveability". I'm not in a race and believe the acceleration and braking response are dandy. I get lots of compliments on the car's appearance. No problems after 4 months and 5000 miles. I love the car.



After having the car 6 months I put 24,000 miles on it and need back brakes and rotors. This is very soon to need this done and only Volkswagen can do it. It’s clearly a defect being they went bad this soon. A caring and understanding dealership should want to keep customers happy and acknowledge that something’s wrong and help to correct the issue but that’s not the case. I will never purchase another VW.