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2013 Volvo C30 consumer reviews

$25,500 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 C30 Volvo
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 5.0
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 5.0
  • Reliability 5.0
Explore the 2013 Volvo C30

Unique styling Sporty plus Volvo Reliability.

The C30 is what the Mini wants to be. Waited and watched for a couple years to buy the Polestar version of the C30. In mid 2016 found the 01 of the 250 built for the US with around 50k miles for sale. Bought it for 19k. This model C30 has the works. Leather, premium sound, sunroof, heated electric 5-way seats, etc. I bumped the power to a stage 3 with the Euro T5 version Borg Warrner K16 turbo, larger intercooler, 650 injectors, 3 bar MAF, custom air intake, custom tune, etc. Car now puts out 340 horses and slightly less torque. It's fast and nimble. Best thing about this car is even with all the mods it is stunningly reliable. The C30 is my everyday driver and I even take it on 12 hr. road trips. Assuming I keep my foot mostly out of turbo the car gets around 26 in town 30 highway. I am good with that considering. Car is going on 11 years old and 100k miles. Paint and interior are still great, and maintenance is what you would expect from a car half its age. At this point, 2024 the C30 will have been out of production for 11 years. Can't say I would advise anyone to buy this car as some interior and exterior parts are already becoming difficult or impossible to buy new. Unless you are an enthusiast like me that want's a C30 regardless Volvo has newer models less fun but as reliable.


A unique and appealing gas guzzler

I have a 2011 C30 T-5 with red interior and a polestar tune package. This is my 4th volvo and I like most everything about this car. As all volvo's are heavy weight bricks and can be a little bit sluggish on the launch, but this one is pretty zippy with the tune up. The brakes suck on this car, so I put a big brake kit and that fixes the mushy feel. The car is also way too tall, so I put in coil overs to lower the stance. the car comes with laughable window tinting so that was done too. I would note this car gets poor fuel economy for as small as it is, so if that's a concern, don't get this car. You will be disappointed with each fill up oh high octane fuel. Otherwise, this is a cool original car, and you can be sure there aren't a whole lot out there as you zip around in your very original looking hatchback.


My Little C30 is 10 Years Old

I purchased this car 10 years ago new. It was a base model with a 6 speed manual. I still comment to myself when I drive this car how much I like it. Comfortable, and all the speed I need for around town and the highway. No problem merging or passing. So far very reliable. Gets a lot of admirers.


Brilliant concept. Totally not old-school Volvo.

Extraordinarily well conceived and executed. The build is so solid, it just FEELS like a brick outhouse but it drives like a scalded cat. Or a golf cart - it all depends on how hard the loud pedal is pushed. Needs good tyres to bring out its best. Quiet. The back seats are incredible and when laid down, the boot is really big.


Most loved car I ever had.

A luxury, sporty and affordable car with a European character. Two seats and a large cargo for my dog or to carry stuff. Elegant yet not a show off.


Perfect small coupe

The C30 feels like a large car, but drives and maneuvers like a smaller one. Great comfort, nice features and excellent driver visibility. Very comfortable buckets up front and in the rear. This is not a wimpy economy car. The turbo I5 has nice acceleration with a hint of throaty power. It's a Volvo, so plenty of safely features designed in. Great combination of power, comfort, driveability and safety!


The Great car search

I am crazy about these cars when saw one two years ago fell in love with style and beauty and I new I had to have one more my self and now that may come true,I'm very excited about the possibility!!!!


Great compact car

Great performance - very quick and responsive. Interior quarters sizeable enough to fit my 6 foot frame. Rear seats fold down so golf clubs, golf cart, and other golf paraphenalia easily fit.


Only owned a few days but a joy to drive

Comfortable and so easy to drive. Best car I have ever driven. 5 years old and drives like a new car.


Volvo safety and performance

The Volvo C30 combines excellent safety features, great comfort, and a turbo engine with brilliant performance. Clearly reflecting the best of the Volvo brand