2016 Volvo XC90 Hybrid consumer reviews

$68,100 starting MSRP
side view of 2016 XC90 Hybrid Volvo
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 5.0
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 5.0
  • Reliability 4.5
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Volvo XC90 Hybrid -Nicest Car I every driven!

I love driving this vehicle. It had 2 engines . Front Gas powered and Rear Electric Powered. There is immediate power from stopped on starts without hesitation. Has 5 different modes from eco and Hybrid to All Wheel Drive and SPORT mode. Mileage is great at approx 27 to 29 MPG. Plug in recharge is both 110V and 220V so you can plug it in ANYWHERE. The ride as my wife states is like butter.....what ever that means It is SMOOTH and quiet. Has lots of power for pulling trailer / 22 ft Boat and for passing quickly. Love all the safety features from 360 cameras and automatic brakes and side warning alarms. It even steers itself so you stay in your lane and don't wander. Exceptional Car.


3 Month Honest Review

So I wasn't a big Volvo fan but when I saw the new XC90s I did a double take. It's a slick looking vehicle especially from the front, the back...ehh it's still growing on me. It actually looks smaller than the SUV is. I purchased a 2016 T8 Inscription which has 400hp and 467 lb. ft. of torque. This is my first hybrid and I must say that I have iffy feelings about it. I added a 240V outlet in my garage to charge the car much quicker than the standard 110V outlet which takes 8+ hours. With the 240 it takes a max of 2 hours. From the 2 hour full charge the SUV gets 18 miles range of electric cruising. I was expecting better, I have a hill coming out of my development every day and when going downhill and towards the freeway literally less than a mile my mileage every morning is down to the 12-13 marker range (once I get on the freeway half a mile away) from the full charge and this isn't even using pure electric mode which I rarely use. For the majority of the time I use Hybrid mode. The SUV is well built but it?s also super heavy which you can most certainly feel when going over bumps in the road. It will remind you that you are carrying a heavy battery in the vehicle which feels awkward and very thumpy fairly often. Aside from that when you have it in performance mode, this baby really moves. Now, it?s not a SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee but it?s decent, that is until the battery is gone which depletes super fast in performance mode. Yes, it has regenerative braking which charges the battery when you brake or the engine brakes however it?s nowhere near enough energy needed to generate electric power to go a somewhat decent distance. I have yet to even squeeze a mile out of regenerative braking. The key fob is really neat looking with leather and buttons on the side. It was designed for exclusivity and to prevent accidental pressing of the key fob while in your pocket. To me the keys along the side of the remote feel cheap and it?s a little annoying trying to press them, maybe it's just me and my big hands. Another thing that I find just downright asinine is the fact that the car needs to be plugged in, in order to precondition or warm up or cool down the car. The car will not remote start unless plugged in which makes no sense especially on days like today when I am at work with no charging station and the temperature is 16 degrees?. In conclusion the XC90 is a solid, abundantly tech rich luxury vehicle. Yes, luxury vehicle now with the appointments and interior that's second to none. I would certainly purchase another one, I would NOT purchase another T8 Hybrid though especially considering the premium over the T6. It's just not worth the price in my opinion.