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Video: 2017 Mini Countryman Review: First Impressions

01:35 min
By Editors
November 17, 2016

About the video

Mini is targeting the family market with its updated Countryman SUV. The tiny 'ute grows in size for 2017, offering more room for both people and cargo. We got to crawl around the new Countryman at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show; check out the video.


(car engine starting) (car engine idling) The Mini Countrymen, a sub compact SUV for many has been completely redesigned.
You get a lot of traditional cues here of Mini's other, redesigned cars, kind of more grownup looking headlights still some very kind of neat, kind of whimsical stuff going on, stuff like this sort of silver line that runs all the way from the belt line of the car and kind of comes all the way around hugs, sort of this area around in front of the windshield wipers. Still a car that really exudes character but it's not really that mini any more, overall length now up about eight inches versus the last Countrymen. Wheelbase up about three inches that actually makes this Countrymen, the largest Mini out there in Mini's whole lineup right now. A lot of that space goes to benefit the backseat, check this out here, that's where I would sit to drive. This is very un-Mini like right now, this is actually totally versatile for a family. If you needed to throw adults back here, wouldn't be a big deal and cargo room up to about 17 cubic feet. Now up about 30% versus the outgoing Countrymen. Check out all this space here! There's a big well here, underneath right here, you can throw things under there. Seats, back seats full and a 64, sorry, 40, 20, 40 split. They also slide forward and backward there's even this little kind of picnic bench feature here. You can throw this out here and sit right there. Kind of neat. Lots going on here and Mini really threw in the whole kitchen sink when it came to power trains there's manual transmission, still there's turbocharged engines. There's even a plug-in hybrid version. All of that starts to go on sale in March of 2017. So stay tuned.

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