10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: Chevy Bolt EUV Strikes Down Ford F-150 Lightning

chevrolet-bolt-euv-2022-02-exterior-front-angle 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV | photo by Christian Lantry

When Chevrolet debuted its Bolt EV hatchback for the 2017 model year, it was one of the first all-electric vehicles for the everyman with a driving range that, at the time, rivaled long-haul leader Tesla. Now, with the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV, GM acquiesces to car shoppers’ heavy preference for SUVs over, well, pretty much everything else by taking the Bolt EV platform and powertrain and making it longer, higher-riding and at least superficially more SUV-like. And although the whole Bolt thing may be past its prime, it still ranks high in reader interest, with our Bolt EUV expert review finishing in the top tier of this week’s countdown of most popular articles.

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Where the Bolt EUV excels is as a daily commuter car or city-dweller runabout. It’s quick, maneuverable and comfortable, plus it has a nicely accommodating cargo area behind the back seats (despite Chevy’s cargo measurements for the Bolt’s SUV incarnation trailing its hatchback sibling). Among drawbacks, however, are its lackluster highway prowess in both acceleration and passing power, and DC fast-charging speeds that trail those of rivals. And although the Bolt EUV remains affordable among longer-range EVs, it’s no longer eligible for that enticing federal tax credit on EV purchases — not to mention the fact that the impending next wave of GM’s family of Ultium EVs is likely to leave both Bolts behind in a sort of lame-duck limbo as a current-yet-obsolete product.

“So, is the Bolt EUV worth it? It’s not a great choice for a primary car, but the cost of entry is relatively low and it’s an easy-to-understand EV that will cover your basic needs,” reviewer Brian Normile concludes in his comprehensive critique. “It’s certainly worth consideration as a second, commuter-focused vehicle. If you’re looking to make an EV your primary car, however, a more modern one may be a better choice.”

For Normile’s full take on the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV, follow the link below to’s No. 2 article of the week.

Running a reasonably close third place is another all-electric entry, this one from Ford: the all-new plug-in version of the perennial best-selling vehicle in America, the F-150. The greatest compliment paid by Normile in his review of the 2022 F-150 Lightning might sound unintentionally aloof: its looks-like-a-duck, quacks-like-a-duck similarity to the regular ol’ gas burning F-150.

“Despite some slight exterior design differences, the Lightning still very much looks like an F-150, and it drives like an F-150 with one notable exception — its prodigious, push-you-into-your-seat acceleration,” Normile states in his review, though he notes that towing weighs heavily on driving-range expectations: “If having the fastest-charging EV pickup isn’t your top priority, and you’re not planning to tow or haul long distances, I think the Lightning is worth your consideration, despite its hefty price premium.”

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