New Noises Lead to Dealership Visit for Long-Term Subaru BRZ

We recently noticed that our long-term Subaru BRZ had developed some new noises — or maybe we were able to hear them more now that it's getting warm in Chicago and we're driving with the windows down.

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We could hear a ticking sound and a squeaky whirring noise coming from the engine bay at idle once the four-cylinder had reached operating temperature, so we decided to take it to our dealership's service department.

We scheduled an appointment over the phone and were told to double-check the engine oil level before bringing it in. (We did and it was satisfactory.) When we brought the car into the service area, we described the two noises again to the adviser before taking a seat in the lounge. About an hour later our service adviser returned with the news: The ticking sound is normal for the BRZ's engine, but they wanted to replace the fuel pump, which is under warranty, to address the squeaky noise. It appears we aren't the only ones who've heard this sound, as Subaru has issued a technical service bulletin for a "high-pitched chirp, squeak or cricket sound from the engine," as the bulletin describes it.

We'll be heading back to the dealership for the repair when the replacement parts arrive, but until then we'll be driving the BRZ, sounding like a futuristic hovercraft.

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