Dodge, Kia Are Most Reliable Car Brands in First 90 Days, While Tesla Perturbs

By Kelsey Mays on June 24, 2020

Dodge and Kia make the most problem-free vehicles for the 2020 model year, according to an influential J.D. Power study measuring the problems new-car owners experience in the first 90 days after p... Read More
What Is Dexos Oil?

By Rick Popely on June 14, 2020

GM claims that Dexos keeps engines cleaner, reduces sludge, improves fuel economy and can help emissions components last longer. Read More
How Many Miles Is Too Many for a Used Car?

By Rick Popely on June 13, 2020

The number of miles on the odometer goes a long way to determining the value and desirability of a used vehicle. Read More
Ford Rewards Essential Service Workers by Giving Them a Free Essential Service

By Brian Normile on June 12, 2020

Ford is offering essential workers a complimentary maintenance service as part of an effort to make things easier for those on the frontlines during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Essential workers... Read More
10 Biggest Coronavirus Advice Stories for Car Shoppers and Owners

By Matt Schmitz on June 1, 2020

Here are our top 10 most popular advice articles helping to guide car shoppers and car owners through the coronavirus pandemic. Read More
What Does TPMS Mean?

By Brian Normile on May 31, 2020

TPMS stands for tire pressure monitoring system, a system required on all new cars in the U.S. since the 2008 model year and available on many vehicles before then. Using sensors in either the valv... Read More
What Does SRS Mean?

By editors on May 30, 2020

The dashboards in most cars are filled with an alphabet-soup-like combination of light-up acronyms and symbols like ABS, SRS, TPMS and ESC. What do they all mean? A deep dive into your vehicle’s ow... Read More
Should I Buy a New or Used Car?

By Editors on May 24, 2020

Should you buy a new or used car? It depends on your needs and preferences as a buyer, but there are plenty of good vehicles out there either way. Read More
Car Clicks When Trying to Start? 5 Common Causes

By Rick Popely on May 23, 2020

That dreaded clicking noise can usually be traced to the battery, and the fix could be as simple as a jump-start or tightening a cable. Read More
How to Read a Tire Sidewall

By Rick Popely on May 16, 2020

The tire sidewall contains a lot of information other than the brand and model name that consumers can use when shopping for tires. Read More