Is Pandora Available in Your Car Like Satellite Radio?

Share "I would like to be able to use Pandora in my car like Sirius. I don't want to use it through my smartphone. I don't like the way it sounds through my auxiliary and I like to skip songs. That is the best part! Does anyone know if this is going to be possible in the future?"

Anonymous Pandora said recently that 23 vehicle brands currently integrate Pandora internet radio apps into their infotainment systems, so you should find many cars to choose from.

Among the brands that offer Pandora connections are BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan and Toyota.

Pandora is installed on's 2013 Honda Civic LX long-term test car, so it isn't found only on high-bucks cars. On the Civic, you can change tracks through the car's stereo controls and sort through playlists on the dashboard multimedia display. Don't assume that every car available with Pandora will do everything you desire. You will need to ask questions and check them out yourself to discover their capabilities and limits.

You might want to start by visiting the Vehicle Recommender, here, which can help you find cars that fall into your price range and meet other needs. From there, you can learn more about specific models in the research section to narrow your search.

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