2017 Honda Civic Si Wish List

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CARS.COM — No reason to play it too cool: I’m a big fan of the 2017 Honda Civic Si in both coupe and sedan forms. It’s got an adaptive suspension, enough power for fun and a sharp six-speed manual, all for under $25,000.

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However, just because I like the Si a lot doesn’t mean it’s without flaws or that it can’t be made better. So even though the 2017 version is still pretty new, I’m excited to start thinking about what could make the next one even better.

Here’s my wish list for the next Civic Si:

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1. Safety Upgrade

The monospec Civic Si only has one option, summer tires, which will cost you an extra $200. I would prefer to see a few more options on that list, starting with available safety features. Honda offers a full suite of safety features in a package they call Honda Sensing; it includes adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and forward collision warning with automatic braking.

What safety features are there on the Si? Well there’s LaneWatch, which we do like a lot as a staff, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t think there’s a good reason to not include it. Honda already offers the package as an option on even the base LX trims of the sedan.

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2. Hatchback

I know this one isn’t vaguely realistic. The Civic Si is built in Ontario, Canada, while all of the hatchbacks (including the Type R) are constructed across the Atlantic in Swindon, England, so there would be no way to get a Civic Si in that form unless it were built over there. But this is my wish list, and I want the extra cargo room, the added versatility and the angled styling of the hatchback in Si form.

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3. Leather and Navigation

Canada is a beautiful country. It’s got amazing landscapes, sprawling forests and snow-capped mountains that reach to the sky. Want to know what else our neighbors to the north have? They have the Civic Si with navigation systems and heated rear seats.

I understand Honda’s monospec approach to this, but at the same time, it would be nice to be able to make your Si both fun and a bit more luxurious. Leather upholstery would be a welcome addition to the mix, and I guess the heated seats can come along, too. (I got love for my backseat passengers.)

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4. Electrify All the Things

Just bear with me — hybrid drivetrains have traditionally been associated with efficiency and, by extension, slowness. But they don’t have to be: As proven by cars like the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, BMW i8 and Honda’s own Acura NSX, you can fuse electricity and gas into a marriage of blissful speed and instant torque.

If I had one complaint about the Civic Si’s powertrain, it would be that it can bog down slightly at low rpm, and it doesn’t launch all that hard. A battery, an electric motor and some aggressive tuning could fix that.

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