Which Used Pickups Are the Best Bargain?


If you're in the market for an almost-new used pickup truck, wouldn't it be good to know where the best bargains exist? Yes, it would. Happily, a new study from automotive research firm provides that information. It collected data that shows which relatively new used pickups have depreciated the most, making them the best choices for those looking to get the most bang for their buck.

According to the survey, the average new vehicle depreciates 35 percent after three years of ownership, with some of the highest-depreciating vehicles losing between 46 and 52 percent of their value when driven off the lot. However, when looking at just pickup trucks, the much lower average is 23.3 percent.

"Below-average depreciation isn't surprising when you consider the increased demand for trucks," iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly said in a statement. "People tend to use their pickup trucks for work and hold onto them, which limits the supply in the secondary [used vehicle] marketplace."

The study analyzed more than 4.1 million car sales to identify models that have the greatest drop in value over a three-year period (when most leased vehicles re-enter the auto market).

Top Three Full-Size Used Pickup Deals

  1. Ram 1500: $41,803 average price, 33.2 percent drop
  2. Ford F-150: $48,685 average price, 32.4 percent drop
  3. GMC Sierra 1500: $44,284 average price, 26.7 percent drop

The used pickup with the lowest depreciation over a three-year period — drum roll please — is the Toyota Tacoma, losing only 18.2 percent of its value, with an average transaction price after three years of $26,329. The Toyota Tundra has a 22.2 percent depreciation rate (the lowest number of any full-size pickup) and an average transaction price of $32,834 after three years.

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