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(253 reviews)

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Sketchy, deceitful, and rude.

I showed up to look at two cars listed on and suddenly they “couldn’t find” the car. Months later, the same car is still listed as available. They treated us like crap when they found out we were paying cash. It appears this business is mostly interested in ripping off the working poor with finance shenanigans. Avoid them like the plague.



Still waiting for my call back from Siaed He really doesn't want me to tell you anything about what I have been dealing with but I will if I don't get a phone call


I repeatedly made an inquiry that went unanswered.

I repeatedly made an inquiry that went unanswered. The process seemed disorganized. Also, the advertised price differed greatly from the lot price. I would not return


Bought a car Friday January 19th 2023 by Saturday morning

Bought a car Friday January 19th 2023 by Saturday morning 10:00 a.m. January 20th the engine light was on the window on my passenger side went down stay down my engine light came on and there's a hole in the window wash fluid container I poured washer fluid the next morning while I was taking the vehicle back up there to talk to them and it all came right out the vehicle I run a group home with children and adults with down syndrome and also suffering from mental disabilities I explained to him that I needed a durable vehicle to be able to transport my residence as the vehicle is unsafe and I'm definitely scared to drive it as everything changed the very next day after purchase the day I was purchasing I was treated so nicely I was talked to very sweet when I called back with complaints I was told to shut up let him speak which this is the owner before I lose out on a car so do not go here you will be having to contact a lemon lawyer wish I would have known that after I just told them what it happened to me previously at another dealer ask them was there any problems was told by their sales rep there was no problems other than minor dents and bruises and even offered me a discount on a paint job the gas gauge is broke I put $61 in there Saturday a couple hours later I had to put another $60 in there I do have receipts recordings save yourself the trouble do not come here they will not be honest with you sadly to say I wish I would have checked the reviews before buying


Above average

The team there was friendly and the car was decent for it's price. Overall I found something else but it was good experiance and good information


A bit above average

The car was a little rough but it was a decent experience. The sales guy was friendly. It's hard to find cars for this price but this one showed its age


Came in with cash to buy a car and when I told them we

Came in with cash to buy a car and when I told them we were paying cash all the prices changed.Only the owner knows the prices, no one else was able to give info and lot of private conversations going on without us present.


Dirty cars, they lie about there cars.

Dirty cars, they lie about there cars. Won't buy again. I purchased a vehicle and was told it came just came from getting fixed with paperwork saying so. Come to find out the car needed a new starter, oil change, is leaking coolant, and needs new brakes. I asked for a warranty that they said they offered that I wanted that they didn't give. These people are cons i should of known better when i seen the lot. It looked like a junk yard. Go to Keys, or Cars With Attitude that's up the street. The service is much better and the cars are nicer and cleaner.


I got a vehicle over a week ago I paid 4.

I got a vehicle over a week ago I paid 4.000 down no vehicle the alternator was bad I haven’t heard anything from them they keep saying they are waiting for a part feels like I’m getting the run around

Consumer response

They have had the car for over a week I put 4000 dollars down i went in today to pick it up I’m mentally challenged I owe now 4000 more and he release the vehicle to me today until i pay 1100 payment which last week he told he would work with me and I could pay him on the 20th when I get pat since I put that big down payment down I’m 50 years he completely degraded me like I was a child yelling at me like I was someone. Off the street that stole from him I’m going retain an attorney and I want my money back he can keep the vehicle I don’t want to do business the operation is shady I feel taken advantage of and dooped


I am retired on a fixed income and don't have a lot of

I am retired on a fixed income and don't have a lot of money for a down payment. You would think for a car they list for under $3000 that a down payment of $1000 would be enough. And yes I know dealers add around $600 to the sticker price but I still th