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(60 reviews)

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Flawless Car Buying Experience

Avery Greene is hands down the best car sales person we have ever dealt with. He was kind, genuine and down to earth. His knowledge and efficiency made purchasing our new Hybrid Camry XLE completely seamless. Shelby in the finance department is an absolute gem and she was a complete powerhouse in getting us a deal we where very pleased with. And best of all we where in and out quickly. There wasn’t a whole lot of sitting around and waiting. Sean, the general manager, was very kind and professional. All in all we are very pleased and recommend Bob Tyler Toyota without hesitation.


Poor "Everything"

My wife and I are both in the market for Toyotas. Her a 4Runner and myself a Double Cab Tacoma. I attempted to purchase two different trucks from the dealership this week. The online department was a joke. Instead of answering my questions or putting me in contact with a salesperson they kept asking me "Can you come in today?" And I kept telling her I lived two hours away. Overall because we had our own financing they seemed disinterested. Finally I called and made an offer on a truck over the phone. I never received a call back from the dealership. The truck sold. I have never had such a hard time trying to spend 80k dollars in one place.


Unethical Business

Unethical business! This car dealer trick me to pay a lot of money only for the A/C. However after 3 times of paying for my A/C about $2,500 something. Now the coolant is all over inside my car instep of going out. None of them is respond for the problem. The worse car dealership ever!!! Also Most of them not friendly as all since I am foreigner!


Excellent Sales Associate

My Wife and I were looking for a new vehicle and it was going to be a Toyota, no doubt. Highlander, RAV, Tundra or Camry. Luckily we got Neal Vicellio A Bob Tyler Toyota Sales Associate. This well versed, excellent, very learned and polite young man did everything I asked him to do without complaint and found us a perfect fit for our needs. He wasn’t scripted or trying to sell us what he thought was needed off of inventory. He listened to my Wife and I and we ended up getting a perfect fit and pre-owned SUV. Neal Vicellio helped us through the entire process in person and even when not at work via Emails and Texts. I hope if you are lucky enough to get this young man to help you when at Bob Tyler Toyota ,Pensacola, FL, he helps you find the car of your dreams!! Neal certainly did for us.


Close but no deal

Worked with Scott and the new car sales manager yesterday. I attempted to trade my 2018 Tacoma Limited in on a Tacoma TRD pro but we ended up being 750.00 from a deal. Appreciate the time they spent with us. I have our shaded from this deal in the past and maybe we can do business in the future


Bob Tyler better take a look at his process

On 7/12/20 I went to Bob Tyler’s Toyota Pensacola to purchase a New Camry. I was told by the salesman that I needed to select one vehycause he was not gonna do multiple test drives. After picking the car at the salesman’s request I left to go get necessary paperwork and when I arrived back 18 mins later I was informed the car had just been sold. The sales manager when calmly confronted by myself about saleing the vehicle from underneath me made excuses, told me he didn’t like it either and blamed his actions on following Bob Tyler’s policies. Then the person they gave the Camry to was declined and so the vehicle came back to me. Because so much time had past I was told to come back the following day. The next day I received a text from a different sales lady telling me I needed to email her certain documents to which I did at 2pm. At 5:30pm I was headed to the dealership to sign the paperwork and drive off with the new Camry and was told that I’d have to wait til the following day because they wanted a different form. However this is only cause they drugged their feet again o. Day 2 and now it was too late in the day. The was the final straw and I told them forget it I was going down the road to spend my money. No call back no nothing. My experience was the worst car buying experience I’ve had in my life and I’ve purchased 5 new cars at this point. I was completely disgusted from the salesman to the sales manager. No integrity. No leadership. No professionalism. Moral of the story is now I’m driving a 2020 Camaro SS. Have a good day!


You should never come, extremely unsatisfied

I did come and ask for checking and fixing my A/C problem. The first day I come I have to wait all day long to check it and have to pay about $707.45 and nothing really fixed it. then I have to call and complain about why it's $707.45 without nothing really running for my car. Then after contacted the supper visor so they did not count labor cost for the second day. I just need to pay for the part which is $242.73. After paid for that, they said everything works well and the A/C have nothing and run smooth. I did believe them. I have not used my car from that day until 6/25 I went to visit my friend and the car like burning me instead of cooling down the car. I did come at 7:15 am to check on my car 6/26 and I have to wait until almost 4 pm to got the answer from them that some parts of the A/C have problems and I need to replace it. I am sorry but I did ask your service to fix the A/C and they said yes everything already done after paid $950.28. Now why it's not working and I have to pay to another two parts with labor cost about $1,681 Tax this time? after they said it's good to use from the last time. Is it because I was complaining about the service on the first day, paying too much and did not see anything and then you guy tried to mess up everything in my car due to I only paid for the part in second day I was there. I need a clear explanation and how the response to the service when customer paid for it and it did not work. What happens if I live far away, I come and fix my car, paid too much for the A/C and it's not working. And now you said sorry another parts of the A/C does not work. Is is other services that Bob Tyler Toyota do will be the same? not respond for what customer paying for? Is it safe for customer when they are driving when the service is not clearly done? They always said "Toyota Certificate is matter" So why they let this happen! I came there today 6/27/2020. And the manager Wes Bruggeman pretend like nothing happened and ask me to go. They are not respond for what they did. After I spent my money to fix, finally my car worse than before I came to fix. Do not treat a foreigner like that way or racist to me. I was believed in Bob Tyler Toyota since I do not know about car and my car is Toyota too and now they treat me like xxxx


Satisfied customer

I was on my way to an out of state dealership to purchase a Tacoma. On the way I stopped at Bob Tyler Toyota at Pensacola to see the prices. Stacey Conley approached us and from this moment it was a pleasant experience for us. I came home from this dealership with a new model of Toyota Tacoma exactly as we wanted.


Airbag sensor recall

My wife's Avalon was issued a recall for airbag sensor. The recall letter stated the repair would take an hour to fix. When she got to the dealership, she was told the repair would take 3-4 hours. No courtesy car was offered and I had to make two 40 mile round trips from home so my wife wouldn't have to sit and wait.


Young Couple Taken Advantage Of

My husband and I were first time car buyers in September for our 2019 RAV 4. While we love the car, the experience at Bob Tyler wasn't the best and continues to disappoint. We were slightly led on under the assumption that the RAV4's could be upgraded with Android Auto in the new year (and bought the 2019 based on this presumption rather than waiting for the 2020), but Bob Tyler has not been responsive. I have resorted to internet forums and reaching out to the company directly, which leads me to believe that the promise was a typical car dealership sales tactic :( There were other smaller events during the purchasing that also left us feeling very taken advantage of. Additionally, we bought the car under just my husband's information, as we knew we were going to be financing a home within the month. The loan officer guaranteed that we would be able to "refinance" the loan within 3 months of good payment history to my name so that we could get a better rate. I have contacted the loan company, who insisted that they do not refinance their own loans. I have contacted Bob Tyler on 3 different days now, multiple times within those days, trying to reach the finance office. I have left 3 messages, none of which have been returned. Bottom line, though I am a huge fan of the car itself, I can't help but feel that this dealership absolutely took advantage of a young couple rather than aiding us through the process in a way that would make us lifelong customers. We are only 25 and have many, many car buys ahead of us, and I can absolutely guarantee that Bob Tyler will not receive any of these purchases.