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Intersport Performance

Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(49 reviews)

A dealership's rating is based on all of their reviews, with more weight given to recent reviews.

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Best customer care

Intersport provided excellent and immediate service on my Audi when my battery unexpectedly failed. They went out of their way and didn't hesitate to help me out. They have a new, loyal customer for my Audi servicing needs!


A Great Experience

I just purchased a '01 911 Turbo. The entire process was outstanding and the price was fair. Following purchase, they took care of a couple of little issues at no cost. I really appreciate their competent staff.


Porsche 911

I recently bought my first Porsche 911 S from Intersport. This was a big moment and a big expenditure as well. I had a hard time finding a manual and other dealerships were either overpriced or were not trustworthy. Luckily, I contacted Omar from Intersport and he responded honestly and quickly, prices were at or below market - no price games, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - all the things that he told me ended up being completely true. Even with the above I was still paranoid and asked him to do a PPI. He told me the car was perfect but I insisted on the PPI. The car got a perfect score just like he said and he shipped it for a great price. I ended up finding out my friend from high school also bought a 911 from him afterwards and he had the same experience. I see a few negative ads on here but I actually went through the process and bought a car as well as others that I know and this dealership is legit and fair. Car remains perfect with no surprises four months later.



I have been a customer of Intersport for about 10yrs and always have excellent service, great quality workmanship, and reliability of recommendations.


Awesome Service

I am extremely pleased with my shop experience. I bought a 2002 Carrera 4S and learned that it was vulnerable to IMS Bearing failure. While disappointed in the news, I let the guys at Intersport replace the bearing, requiring removal of the engine and the transmission. The job was done quickly and with the highest of quality. After my repair, my "check engine" light came on and they took care of the problem the same day. I have driven 6000 miles in 2 months and am already returning for an oil service. I have confidence in them and in the service they provide. I cannot compare pricing as I did not shop around. I went where I felt the staff was qualified. What is the cost of "peace of mind" worth? For me, I am completely confident in pushing my car hard after the fix.


The place to take your Porsche in the DC area

After finding my dream car, a Guards Red 2011 Carrera S Cabriolet (for sale by a private owner), I contacted Intersport regarding some service questions. I spoke directly with Tony, the service manager, who encouraged me to have the car thoroughly checked in a pre-purchase inspection at Intersport. It was a very wise decision, as there were a few issues which helped me negotiate a better deal for the car. But overall, the car checked out clean and gave me great confidence in my purchase. Intersport did a 4-year major service on the car after I made the deal, and the quality of the service was outstanding, not to mention much cheaper than the dealerships in the area. I'm loving every minute behind the wheel and I will return to Intersport for future services.



Just serviced my porsche 997.2 with intersport for the first time and received the best service and a great value Thank you to Intersport team.


Top of the line

My family and I have been customers of Intersport for the past 15 years and I can assure you that they are the absolute best. The staff there are the cream of the crop. Omar consistently delivers exceptional service at a fair price. Charlie is the Porsche guru, you won't find anyone with more experience. All of the technicians do an impeccable job, Omar only hires the best. I recently just visited them and had a great experience as usual.


The choice is yours

If you desire "good enough" Porsche service, go elsewhere. If you want "the best" Porsche service, use Intersport Performance. I recently had new wheels, new tires, new exhaust, 8 year maintenance service, and new Eibach springs (used to lower the chassis to Euro specs) installed on the 997 that I purchased from Intersport earlier in the year. Omar explained the benefits of each item before any of the work began. I can honestly say that the performance and handling of my car has never been better. Omar's recommendations truly transformed my car. While the work was not inexpensive, Omar's goal is to provide exceptional quality parts and service that do not marginalize the precision required to maintain the value of the Porsche brand.


Larry A -- 5 out of 5

Learned of Intersport with my first Porsche 2007 Cayman S purchase from them. Great experience! Used them for service on the 2007. Great! They even helped me pick out my new 2014 Porsche Cayman S options when I ordered that one from a dealer. Very helpful. Sold the 2007 back to them. Great to deal with! Used them for service on the 2014. Great! Very helpful with all things Porsche, issues, questions, even recommending Porsche service locations for when I'm in Florida. I have used just about all of their services. I highly recommend them for purchase from them, sell to them, all service, and imparting knowledge and assistance.