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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(49 reviews)

A dealership's rating is based on all of their reviews, with more weight given to recent reviews.

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Fair and Fast

I took the car for a new battery and 30k service. The car had a little over 34k miles and they recommended the 40k service at a fair price-compared to the quote of several dealers. The price for the battery was also fair. They found an oil leak. That was a surprise to me, since there is no oil in my garage floor. Anyway, they suggested to replace the RMS and I accepted it. Perhaps I should have checked it in another shop, but it would have cost me time and money. They also recommended I replace the clutch since the labor cost was going to be covered mostly by the RMS job. After they told me it had only about 20% left, I agreed with it. They also determined the front brakes needed to be replaced. I trusted them based on all the feedback I read in the Internet. Time will tell about the quality of the repairs. So far, so good. They could improve their transparency by, for example, taking digital pictures of the RMS leak and the brakes and sending them to the me (customer) via email. Overall, their customer service and time to do the work was very reasonable.


Excellent service

As usual, great and expeditious service with a very convenient pick up and delivery. See you next time.


Updated Review

Porsche owner for more than 10 years. First time experience with a used car dealer. Great inventory selection. After an initial misunderstanding resolved, I am pleased to recommend this dealer.


Prompt and thorough service

This is going to be my repair shop if I need service in the future! Excellent customer service and prompt attention to my car's needs, including knowledgeable recommendations for next steps. I appreciate the fast communication by phone and email, as well. This place was recommended to me by a friend. I will definitely recommend it to my other friends.


Loyal long-time BMW service client

After years of outstanding repairs and customer service from Intersport, once again I have been amazed at the level of integrity in this auto center. They are always honest. Every now and then I get some anomaly on my aging vehicle where I just brace myself for an extensive and expensive repair, but then Intersport will trouble-shoot the problem and I end up relieved. My adaptive headlights warning light came on while I was home in Maryland, so I went straight to a dealership fearing that otherwise I would get pulled over when I drove to my job in Virginia with a light out. Annapolis BMW told me I would need to replace the entire unit at a cost of $1,600. I declined the work order at the dealer and took my car to Intersport as soon as I returned to Virginia. Omar checked the unit himself and found a simple loose connection which he took care of on the spot ... no replacement needed!!! As always, I can rely on how ethical Intersport is and I still have my $1,600 !!!


Great service, reasonable and accurate charges.

Intersports has been servicing my 3 BMWs for a few years now. I am very happy with them and so is my co-worker and his Acura. They are very honest and their quality of work is top notch. Hourly rates are reasonable for the area and number of hours charged match dealer's recommended hours.


Excellent service!!!

Intersport has been looking at my cars for the last 5 years and i have nothing bad to say about them. they are friendly professional and honest...


excellent customer service, awesome selection

I was in the market for a late model Porsche 911. I was amazed at the lack of selection at the four area Porsche dealers--they only had a few 911s, and none of them to the exact spec I was looking for. Furthermore, I wanted to drive the cars to find out what was important to me (PDK vs Tip, base or S, Sport Chrono, Cabrio, C2 vs C4). That's a tough sell for a dealer if they don't know how serious you are. I stumbled upon Intersport by accident, and was amazed at their inventory! I called and spoke to Omar, who invited me to come by and check out the cars. My wife and I stopped by and kicked some tires, and returned a week later to take some test drives. Intersport could not have been more accommodating. All of the cars are kept inside a showroom, and in order to drive some cars, they had to re-arrange several others for us. I believe we drove 4 cars that day. We were encouraged to drive around by ourselves until we were comfortable. We ended up picking one that we had never considered based on our research--we thought it was too far out of our reach. Any time I buy a car, I feel like I have to gear up to do battle. Not the case with Andy! I laid out some of the parameters I had; he wrote up the deal, and it was perfect. No back and forth, no games, no hassle. We drove it home that day, and then brought it back on a weekday for inspection and emissions. I wanted a universal audio interface installed, and I had one maintenance concern with the car. Omar handled both; charging me standard rates for the audio interface and fixing the maintenance issue for free. Keep in mind: if this is your first European performance car, everything costs more than it does on your Chevy or Toyota! It's kind of crazy, but experience and research leads me to the conclusion that the service prices from Intersport are fair. Plus, from what I read on Porsche forums, their main tech is legendary. They're not a huge operation, so you have to work with their schedule. But the personal service, relationship, and sense of ownership they take in your car is worth the inconvenience. Definitely a series of great experiences from initial contact through present!


Treated like family

We purchased a vehicle from Intersport about five years ago and have used their services ever since on both of our Mercedes. We are always treated like family when we need service and the services are excellent and far more reasonable than going to a dealer where you are just another number. We often refer Intersport to our friends and colleagues and this company provides the same services to them as to us. Recommended without question


Porsche - Vibration Diagnosis

I visited Intersport to have a vibration issue diagnosed and repaired on my 05' Carrera S. The service writer and tech were methodical in reviewing how they would tackle my issue and they delivered on finding the root cause. The issue was a culmination of small problems: suspension not properly torqued down, wheels out of balance, and alignment off. The final bill was less than originally quoted and the attention to detail in addressing my problem was above and beyond my expectations. They may not be the cheapest in the area but you'll know whatever your issue it will be fixed right the first time.