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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(49 reviews)

A dealership's rating is based on all of their reviews, with more weight given to recent reviews.

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Soon Yi

We have used Intersport for the repair of our Porsches and Mercedes for years, only going back to the dealer if I have to do so for warranty work. Omar and Jason are always a phone call away when I'm in trouble whether it's a bulb change or a major problem. I know lots of people who use Intersport and I would consider buying a car from them if the right one struck my fancy. It's always fun to walk through to look!


THE best cars; THE best service; and THE best $$

I have been a car nut for 40 years and have owned all manner of German cars, purchased from everyone from the Dealer to private party- bar none, Omar, Andrew and Jason @ Itersport make your purchase easy. I am fussy about my 911's (I bought my 3rd one from them), and these folks are "just like me"...! They only seem to have one answer to every question I pose: "Yes"-


Great service experience

Visited them for a simple oil change and brake fluid flush. Very quick, dropoff to pickup in about 2 hours... very painless. They washed the whole car (complimentary), including a detail-quality wash on the wheels... very kind of them! Would strongly recommend them for performance service in the future.


Female Owner, 2006 BMW 235i

When the free service and warranty expired on my car I couldn't wait to escape from the "BMW of Fairfax" dealership who was overpriced and my service writer always tried to up-sell me. A Porsche racer recommended Intersport to me. Intersport has fair prices and never tries to tack on any unnecessary extras. They know me when I call or come in which shows me that they value their relationships with customers. I have never had a negative experience there and it's been 3 years now.


used purchase AUDI A8 16 June 2012

I was EXTREMELY please with the deal I received at Intersport. Independent dealers sometimes have a bad reputation, but the experience here was very straight forward and efficient. Andrew gave me a sale price on the Audi before I even began negotiation. An out the door price 4000 less than the competition!!!!( coleman infiniti Bethesda). It was a no presure straight forward deal- car price + taxes/tags


Easiest buying experience

I agree completely with the review by Tom M. I had visited Intersport a year and a half ago with my fiance and was impressed by the Porsche selection and by the fact that they were servicing Ferrari's and several race cars in the service bay. In January, a colleague at the office recommended Intersport because of their selection and service. I decided to check out one of the cars that Omar was running a special on. The purchasing experience was the best. I called and said I was coming to look. Andy met me there and gave me the keys. Said to take a good long drive. I said I wanted it and just needed to run to the bank. He said he would get the paper work done while I was gone. I took the buyer order papers to the bank, got a check, and returned to find the car ready to go. That it. I was on the road in less than two hours from first seeing it in person. Omar and Andy are always available by phone or email with any new Porsche owner questions I have had. I love the car, recommend Intersport to my friends and family, and plan on purchasing from them again in the future.


Great experience - very professional

I heard about Intersport from several colleagues at my office. The feedback was positive, for both cars purchased and the subsequent service. However, I was still apprehensive; my customer service expectations are very high. This week I just purchased an Audi A8 from Intersport and it was a fantastic experience! I spent time with the owners (Omar and Charlie), and spent most of my time with Andy, the Sales Manager. The price was better than fair, it was a good deal. The entire process far exceeded my expectations. I went from being apprehensive to really enjoying the experience! There is no doubt in my mind that I will have Intersport service the car as well. It is a relief when you can trust a group of professionals for such a large purchase, second only to buying a house.


A Good Dealer

I just bought an used Mercedes Benz from Andrew Verdon of Intersport Auto Sales, found him professional, friendly and attentive, most importantly, they price the cars fairly. The whole process from shopping to buying was simple with no hassle. I highly recommend Intersport to any serious car buyers.


These guys are charlatans of the first kind. They sold...

These guys are charlatans of the first kind. They sold me a car and I paid $300 along with the tax on the car to them so they would go get my title and tags at DMV. They didnt do it and it took me 5 months just to get the title from them. Once I got the title, I then had to pay the taxes all over again to the city. Now these jerks refuse to reimburse me the taxes I paid to them. Avoid these guys at all costs.