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(19 reviews)

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Super friendly and helpful

Spoke with April via email about a Miata Club. She was beyond awesome, I would love the chance to purchase a Miata through her. Unfortunately her manager wouldn’t come down far enough on price of car to suit me. They are trying to get more for super low mileage, which can be cool- but in a sport car may not be cool :) with it being a Club without any real bells and whistles, I declined but may try again ;) April even ran outside and took a photo for me. I will request her for sure.


Shopping for my Mazda

Hands down the best group of folks I have ever dealt with while car shopping! These guys are caring, sincere, and doing their best to get you what you want. I was shopping for something reasonable and reliable and that's what I bought. They went above and beyond during covid-19 pandemic to deliver respectful and friendly service while making you feel comfortable. Thank you Kiefer Mazda!


Shopping for a Used Mazda

I went in to test drive a used Mazda 3 hatchback. I had some very specific requests and Joe was able to negotiate with his supervisors and ended up getting me a fantastic deal. He was very warm and welcoming, easy to talk to, and listened well. All the other agents I had contact with during my time at the dealership were also very warm and welcoming. I would recommend him and Kendall Ford.


Not a good place.

Bought a used jeep jk from kiefer last September. 1)wiper falls off 5 miles down the road 2)I find that I have a exhaust leak( its missing a exhaust bolt). 3) spent$ 5,000 on their warranty and it wouldn't even cover the exhaust leak repairs(warranty RIP YOU OFF.4) when October comes around and I go to to turn on the heat for the first time,guess what,yep no heat. Haven't even had the jeep a year and I'm feeling so screwed over by kiefer Mazda.


Don't shop here

I have finally given up on getting anyone at this place to help me. I have never wrote a bad review in my life, but after multiple calls and finally sending an email and getting no response, I am not sure what else to do. I have bought three cars here. Three. Two the first time on the same day, then when we found out we were expecting shortly after wards, I traded my car back in for a car that seats more people. First, I bought a Honda Civic. When we got it home we realized the back was being held together with zip ties. I thought it was a joke and we had to argue with them to get it fixed even though we purchased a warranty. Even if we had not purchased a warranty, who sells a car like that? Then, the thermostat went out and we had to pay $100 to fix that. No big deal until it went out multiple more times. Like 4-5 more times. They then wanted to charge us $250 to fix the thermostat sensor. By that point I got two second opinions saying sensor was fine and it was the thermostat they had fixed multiple times. So, they wanted to charge us $250 to fix something that was not broken. When I spoke to Fadi about this he told me to call him in a couple days and he would fix it. Well, I called and called and left messages. No reply. I finally gave up and sent an email. That was March 22. I am still waiting for a reply. The second car I bought was a mazda 6. The day after I bought it, it would not start. I had to have a friend come jump me. They did replace the battery, but you would think they would check the battery before selling it to someone. When I went to trade this car in they told me the engine was covered with oil and started listing things that were wrong with it. Ironically, I had just had it in their shop a few days before getting everything fixed on it. When I told them that, I didn't hear another peep. When I went to get the third car my hands were tied, since I had just bought the first two, they were the only ones I could really trade my car in for and get any value for my warranty. I got a mazda 5. The brakes constantly grind and squeal, and I was told "that's how mazda breaks are". I just gave up at this point. My friend that referred us has bought two cars here (though she bought new so has not had issues with their service department) and has never received her referral bonus Fadi said he would personally take care of. This whole experience has been a joke, and if I could go back in time I would never set foot in this place. In my email I stated that we were treated like they just wanted us to go away. The fact I have never received a reply just proves this to be true.


Fantastic Buying Experience

I was looking to downsize and had shared my top criteria with someone at Madza: I wanted a crossover or SUV, AWD or 4WD, better gas mileage and fewer seats than I had in my current vehicle (7). I also wanted my payment to be close to what I had been paying. I was anticipating buying something previously owned. They contacted me to tell me when they had gotten a vehicle they thought I might like - it fit all of the criteria I had asked for. I used Mazda's Be Surecredit before going down to see the vehicle. I went down to look at it, test drove it with a sales team member, Chole, who was able to answer questions I had during the drive. I loved the vehicle and decided to buy it. They were able to get me a better interest rate than I was expecting from the Be Surecredit results. AND the price I got was WAY better than prices I found on online at other dealerships for the same make/model/year! The vehicle I purchased was used so it's obviously going to have some wear and tear. Overall, exterior/interior was in great condition. The service team looked it over for things I'm not trained to recognize. The brake pads were at the point they needed replaced very soon. They were kind enough to do that repair/replacement. I've already put over 150 miles on it and I've had no concerns regarding the safety or mechanics of my purchase made nearly three weeks ago. I've had both good and terrible car lot experiences in the Eugene area in the past. This was by far the BEST experience I've ever had and the next time I decide I'd like another vehicle, I'll be returning to Kiefer Mazda. Fadi and his team are FANTASTIC!! They didn't try to sell me anything I hadn't first expressed to them I was looking for.


Great Service!

They were able to help me get a approved for a loan on the vehicle I wanted with a low APR and no payments for two months. I filed bankruptcy 2 years ago and wasn't expecting such a great deal. Thanks to the team at Kiefer Mazda!


My review of kiefer mazda

We came snd traded in a vehicle and took the new one home and then a week and one day later we get a call so we go back up there and they tell us that we have to return it and take or trade back that rhere was noting they could do. So we get our trade and find trash in the back and also banana peels in the back. I don't think that is right for them to do that and we will never go back and we have told people the truth about our experience and they said they have heard the same thing from many people.


Online non-response

I requested information from this dealership through No response. Problem with dealer or I don't know.


Finally treated like an individua

Kiefer Mazda was the first and only dealership I visited in my search for a used car. I felt extremely comfortable every step of the way, and they really seemed to care about understanding my needs, and getting me into a car that fit my budget. This was my first time purchasing a vehicle on my own, and I can safely say I'll be returning to them in the years to come. And a special thank you to Josh!!