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(46 reviews)

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Dealer response

We checked our data base no customer with that name has ever bought a car here. If this is a real review please contact us at 206-782-8804 we are here to help. Sorry fake reviews do exist.


I advise you to go somewhere else. These guys will...

I advise you to go somewhere else. These guys will consistently lie to you! I had a mazda 3 through them and less than 24 hours the started to break down. The transmission control module went out. They did fix it. A couple of weeks later the suspension system in the front was toast. The did replace the front struts but refused to try and take of the back. A couple of weeks later the car was having an issue with staying straight on the road. They held my car for 3 weeks and didn't even touch my car. I decided to switch to the loaner car that I was in. They car was great until a few weeks later the transmission started having a shifting issue. Mind you I had purchased an extended warranty and they refused to even try and fix the issue. They didn't not have any paperwork stating what was done with the car. They sales guy Brandon totally ghosted me when I asked about it. They apparently do not want to do any type of warranty work. So if you do get a car through them just be prepared to have a lot of problems!


Thanks to reach to me I can’t say something else...

Thanks to reach to me I can’t say something else different but,when I got home I discovered the trunk where is the spare tire always flood of water why they didn’t tell me that? and the windshields were broken


It was fine. But too slow. I made an offer and then...

It was fine. But too slow. I made an offer and then didn’t hear back. In meantime I found one on Craigslist. Bought it. After which Rich’s contacted me saying my offer was accepted. Sorry about that!


Low key salesmenship

Rich's has a crowded lot so do your homework before you come. Their partnership with Cars'com makes the process so much easier and relaxed. Sales people let us take the lead which works better for us. We had a couple of cars in mind when we went there and we ended up buying our second choice. Super easy going staff.


Dealer review

Parking at Rich's Car Corner is very difficult, getting in and out of the lot ( scary) salesman not friendly or very helpful. Several vehicle's that I viewed on their website looked good but they were not so good when I saw them on the lot. Saw repairs that should have been fixed before being put on the lot for sale. Low tires, water in spare tire well, dash screen not working, doors that didn't close properly, dirty interior and exteriors. I left with a bad impression of the dealership. Also the sales office area is more like a garage.


Very Disappointed 😞

I had a HORRIBLE experience with Rich's Car Corner, when I tried to purchase a 2011 Buick Lacrosse CXL. I found this car on Cars.Com, took me over an hour to reach the car lot on Tuesday 8/25. Dante greeted me, I then told him I was there for the 2011 Buick Lacrosse. After checking out the vehicle, I told Dante I was definitely interested but there are a few issues (Lt blinker not working, no coolant, screen lifter not working properly). Dante said they could fix these items no problem by Saturday 8/29 and I was given a business card. I sent an email to the office on Thursday 8/27 checking if car was being serviced, and never received a reply. Then I called the office on Friday 8/28 Dante was not in and I was told the car was not in the shop, also they do not fix any repairs unless car is purchased first. I was confused at that point since Dante never informed me of that. I asked for manager, or supervisor which I was told don't exist. Then on Saturday 8/29 I received a text from Brandon about purchasing the car, I told him I would be paying with cash $6499, but I needed car to be safe when I drive away. I asked him if the DVD players worked since they didn't have any DVD for use back on Tuesday went i was there and would he be available for me to come in and purchase the car on Sunday 8/30. Never again did I receive a reply from Brandon. So on Sunday I texted Dante and asked him what was going on, that I really want this car and I will be making a cash purchase but need car working properly to drive off lot, no reply back. Sadly on Monday 8/31 car gets sold to someone else. I texted Dante again, and he finally replied word for word on Monday 8/31 (We just never got to do in the fixes on the car cuz the shop was pretty busy but someone else came and bought it as is). I don't know if I was mistreated like this because of my race (African American) or my gender (female). I have all text and recordings of all this unfolding, so disappointing and very unprofessional. I would never recommend Rich's Car Corner to anyone!!!

Dealer response

We are sorry for the lack of communication from our sales staff. Rich has talked to all 3 of the sales staff and is using this as a teaching point to do a better job of communicating. Rich has also called the customer to apologize in person. The customer was very nice and accepted the apology.


Overall excellent experience

Bought a used Ford Taurus. They fixed the window that didn't work without any fuss. The car runs well and my experience with Brandon was very very pleasant. No hassles or problems. Professional and easy to work with.


Happy with my purchase

Dante was easy to work with and answered all my questions. He even advised me to look at other vehicles, but I was pretty much sold on the Sienna since I had one that just died at 400 k miles. I tested 2 different ones and was very happy with the one I bought. After I drove it at night I realized the interior dash lights weren't working and Dante quickly got back to me and I brought it back, and had a loaner car while they fixed it. I rated average on the facilities, it's no frills and parking can get a little tricky, but I guess that's why they can keep the prices low. I wasn't bothered by it but just giving a heads up to others. The indoor area was fine though and had some really cool looking classics.


Turn back!!!!!

Ron was our Sales person. Run don't walk away leaked everywhere when we took it through a car wash, one of the seat belts was broke, the sensor on the sliding doors was broke, the taillight cover fell off. Within a week it stopped dead on a busy road. We had to have it towed to a shop and pay $300 to get cam sensors fixed. Engine light turns on every other day. Noise from tail pipe. Took it in to find out all of the pipes under the van are a rusted mess. Nothing can be soldered. Over $1500 to replace them. Called Shop and asked for Rich. I was told he was not available. Found out I was talking to Ron. He preceded to give me double talk and basically said "TOUGH LUCK!!!! That is what you get when you buy a used car". I would never trust them!!!! He told me they buy them, look under the hood and that is it... If you buy them that is your problem.