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(31 reviews)

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Purchased a used GMC 2500... then *another* used GMC...

Purchased a used GMC 2500... then *another* used GMC 2500. I created a problem, but Ron and the whole team were extremely generous and helpful in making it right. I cannot thank Ron enough for helping me out of a jam of my own making. I ended up with a great truck. The whole team lived up to their promise of providing good customer service.


I did not have a good experience. The financial...

I did not have a good experience. The financial department is a MESS. They couldn't fit me in to sign my lease when I was there to purchase so I had to go back the next day. It was a rushed and hurried process. About a month later I initiated contact because I hadn't received any paperwork in the mail from GMC. Once I was able to connect with the finance manager, he couldn't give me a straight explanation but told me I need to go back in and sign a new lease. At that time he also told me a payment would be waived. When I went and signed the new lease on 8/14, he put the original date of the first lease on the paperwork. Then told me I owe 2 months payments for August and September, which I gave him and asked him to put in writing and sign. GMC contacted me in September to tell me I owed my lease payment. When I contacted the finance manager again he told me yes I owe September and said the two months I gave him were for July and August. I asked why he didn't collect my first month payment in July when I signed the first lease and he didn't have any explanation for any of it. I was also told by the sales person that they couldn't find the spare key for my car and that he is looking for it because if he can't find it, he will be responsible for the cost of it. Needless to say, I still don't have the spare key and I've had the car for almost 3 months. I will not use this dealership again.


Poor communication, unprofessional, and liars. Caught in...

Poor communication, unprofessional, and liars. Caught in the act and when confronted, the finance manager hung up on me. I would avoid this dealership at all costs.


visit sales

They actually let me take the truck home,so glad found some issues concerns riding on the highway you had to turn the wheel to the right slightly to keep it straight they did xx the alignment and said it was okay not sure why the truck reacted like that.The sales associate kept telling us he was waiting on the manager to talk to us about price,finally he did come out about 1 hr 30mins later with the wrong asking price for the vehicle (his words they must have updated the priceyou didn't see that in the last hr 1/2).So my wife who was very uncomfortable siting in this dealership felt like we put our self's in harm way and no sure they even know whats going on.The sad thing was the only other people in the building were employees,not sure what the manager was doing(maybe surfing the net about boats)while we were setting in the waiting room.Felt sorry for the salesperson we were all setting there gloves and masks waiting on this manager xxx P.S My wife said she was so glad we didn't make that purchase she didn't have a good feeling! ,


Manager needs wprk

Manager was very disrespectful and didn’t appreciate me as a person, just another body. I’ve bought three trucks from Anderson but no more, the manager was very cold in his approach and not appreciative when I spent an extra 2500 for extra warranty and accessories..If I had it to do over again I would of not bought the truck there probably should of walked away and found another dealer or manager that cared.


Window repairs

Recently I took my 2011 terrain back for repairs for the 2nd time. After facing a bill of $492.00 Mr. Bacon understood my problem and told me "don't worry , the parts are on the way and your window will be fixed. He later told me that they want me to pay $100.00. I told him my 1st visit was within my warranty and I shouldn't even have a bill. Later he came back and told me "you're good". I thanked him for his services. I will call Mr. Bacon for future services.



The bottom line is the dealership was great, the salesmen (Mike Kniskern/Dan Fuqua) were great, and the friendliness was great! The only thing that stopped me from giving a 5 star rating was the finance guy, Jason, I believe. No mean No means NO!!!!! When I say I don't want to purchase this additional plan or that additional plan or extras to protect my car, DROP IT! I finally had to tell him that if he didn't drop the subject and the pressure, I'm walking out and he'd be the cause for the deal failure. He STILL ADDED and I quote, "Ok but you're really missing out some extra protections". I finally stood up and said I'M DONE. He apologized and didn't say another word. I'd purchased the extra windshield protectant and the paint protectant on my last GMC. IT DOESN'T WORK. Honor your customers instead of harassing them.


2017 Yukon Denali

Brian was great to work with no pressure to buy, Told him what i wanted and he was great at making it happen, He wants me to call if any problems so that we are happy, Paper work was quick and painless, Love my new Yukon Denali,



Kevin Bacon is reliable and trustworthy. I depend on his expertise for my 2006 Buick Lucerne to operate safely, reliably and efficiently.


Charge a lot but nothing done

Went to fix my Saab about a year ago. Paid $1400 for fixing steering, breaks problems but nothing was done. I called and asked if repairs actually took place, and I was told yes. Never will come again and never recommend anyone.