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(183 reviews)

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Chevrolet C8 Corvette service center

The corvette professional technician Chuck Metts is the best! He serviced my corvette with top notch care and professional attitude not found in all Chevrolet dealerships. I drove 250 miles round trip just to have my corvette serviced by Chuck. Chuck also took the time to meet me with a handshake and conversation about my corvette. Heather Ross is also a experienced and professional service advisor of which I had the pleasure to meet. She will make sure to promptly notify you of your service completion and review the service paperwork with you. Kudos to Coughlin Chervolet of Pastaskla Ohio for employing such professional people.


Daniel Tompkins

I was told my truck has an engine oil leak on the passenger side of the engine and it wasn?t repaired


service @ coughlin Chevrolet.

They did a great job except for not putting a mileage reminder sticker on windshield


Scott Edgell is excellent.

Scott Edgell and the team at Coughlin always take care of me and my family. I have been going there for 17 years now. They got my daughter in and out of service in no time at all.


Scheduled in 2 days before Christmas, first thing in the

Scheduled in 2 days before Christmas, first thing in the morning, all requested services were done; no negative issues


I made an appointment for early morning and when I got

I made an appointment for early morning and when I got there they took me right in and got me in and out quickly, they were courteous and friendly


On September 8, 2023 we made contact with Casey Stilwell,

On September 8, 2023 we made contact with Casey Stilwell, a "Professional Salesman" from Coughlin Motors concerning a Ram Promaster 2500 van. The advertisement clearly shows that a towing package and trailer hitch are listed in the equipment on the van. We purchased the vehicle and had it transported to Cleveland for a company vehicle. This van did not have the tow package or hitch that was primarily the reason for the purchase. I contacted the dealership to see what they would do to correct the issue. The reply was ": I am very sorry the van did not come with the equipment you were expecting. I've brought this to my managers attention and he politely asked if you could send an advertisement stating the van comes with hitch/towing package." By this time the advertisement was taken down from their website. Searching the internet I was able to locate the same advertisement on Carfax that had not been taken down. I then sent the copy of the advertisement to the dealership. We were told that since the vehicle was "only signed for after it was delivered, he (the manager) is saying there is not anything we can do to resolve this." We acted in good faith after finding the vehicle, accepting the asking price and providing payment within 24 hours. The dealership and Casey Stilwell acted in an unprofessional manner and participated in false advertising of the vehicle.


Great Company

Loved my sales purchase with Dale back in April. I had my first oil change/tire rotation on Saturday and appreciated my their concern for my questions, and the speed of service! I was in and out in under an hour.


Coughlin Motors

Very knowledgeable staff who made me feel valued. Kevin and Ian did their best to assure was taken care if.


Bad Service!

Came in to get oil change and to have car looked at for front end noise. Waited a hour then woman comes to waiting area and tells me that my oil change is done and that I need new brakes and rotors on my car to fix noise and quoted me 1400.00 for brake pads and rotors! I said no way my brakes and rotors are making that noise. So she then told mechanic what I said and he said he would look again, then 10 minutes later came back and said it's my sway bar and quoted me 2100.00. I said so then it wasn't my brakes or rotors...she said no those are bad also and need changed, so 3500.00 to fix that total. I said no. I then drove to another certified mechanic and told them what I was told and they looked at my car and said my brakes and rotors looked fine and the sway bar was not broken it just need a new bolt and pad. They changed it for 53.33 total and only took them 30 minutes to fix. So I was lied to by coughlin because my brakes and rotors were fine and my sway bar was not broken it just needed a bolt and pad and I still had to pay 100.00 to coughlin for them to look at it and lie to my face! I am NOT happy with the service! And quoting me 3500.00 for work that didn't even need done was so unprofessional! I told the woman that I was not happy about paying 100.00 and be lied to and she just shrugged her shoulders. I will not be bringing my car back there for anything! If BOB the Manager was there at the time I would have went and spoke with him about it but unfortunately he was not in yet.