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(393 reviews)

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2011 Chevy Silverado 4x4

I went to Autos and More and found a truck I bought. The salesman, Steve, he was the nicest guy I've ever bought a vehicle from.


2012 Ram 2500 4x4

I went to Autos and More on Clinton Hwy and found a great deal on the truck I was looking for. They were fair with negotiation and they were Great to work with.


2015 Chevy Silverado 4x4

I had a wonderful experience at Autos and More. The salesman were helpful and knowledgable with questions and concerns I had. I would be happy to do business with them again in the future. They have a very nice inventory to choose from. I have not one bad remark.


2011 Toyota Tundra 4x4 TRD Rock Warrior

Took the day off to buy a truck at reeder chevrolet and the deal was worked out until I got to the signing office where they tried to charge me an additional $5000 dollars more than what we had agreed. What a scam!! Needless to say I left there and will never go back. On my way home I stopped by Autos and More and found a beautiful Tundra truck with no hassles or B S . Steve Bell, The salesman took me in and treated me like an old friend, such a great experience like it should be!!


2012 Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4 Mega

My experience at Autos and More was amazing! The people were very nice in helping me buy my vehicle. They did exactly what they said.


2011 Toyota Tundra 4x4

Steve was the best salesman to deal with. He had a great attitude and was very timely. I would definitely recommend Steve, he was great!


Long time coming of happy customer

This review has been a long time coming. I have bought 3 vehicles from Steve he has always been a great person to work with and has made the vehicle purchase a relaxed with no pressure purchase. My first vehicle was a nice truck and my credit wasn't the greatest. I kept it for a year and again traded it in for something more to fit my wants. I held on to this vehicle as well and made sure to make the payment on time as laid out by the financing Steve found for me. Less than 2 years later I just bought a dream truck from Steve and am still in aaaw of this purchase. I was sure to make my payments on all my previous purchases and have ended up with A1 credit scoring . I did many other things to help my credit but I feel it is also due to my purchases with Steve, I went from a 2006 Titan to a 2007 Silverado and am now in a 2015 Silverado loaded with every option. This truck is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned and I get compliments daily on it. I will tell anyone you are buying a used vehicle so don't complain if you find issues and needed repairs. I feel Steve and the crew try their best to get quality vehicles on their lot and strive to be a great place to purchase cars. I will say the newer they are the less issues you will find so be real. I thank you Steve for being there to help me grow in vehicles your patience and desire to be a service is great. What I love the most is the no pressure attitude , to anyone looking for a place to get a used car I highly recommend Steve. Just afterward don't get on here and complain on this and that problem, you are buying used be real. I by the warranty and if your vehicle qualify's I advise to do so as well. You get em with new cars so why not used ? I sum this up with thank you Steve and I will one day hope to bring my son for his first car to you. Eric D


12 Mustang Boss 302

Autos and More has the nicest vehicles in Knoxville, Period! This is our second purchase from them. Top of the line customer service! Steve was great!



Great service. Drove over 300 miles to purchase truck, was a good price on a clean vehicle. Steve and Roger were a pleasure to work with, and they addressed my concerns, promptly. I recommend their services wholeheartedly.


2015 Toyota Tacoma 4x4

I went to Autos and More Inc after shopping all over and bought the best Toyota Tacoma 4x4 in the nation. Best deal ever! Thanks guys!!