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(209 reviews)

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Simple Oil Change Service - Gone Really Bad

5/22 bad oil change $230;leak upper left side engine; oil sprayed radiator, under hood; oil filtered-double gasket, wrong filter; returned twice to fix $2500 est.

Dealer response

Hi, we are so disappointed to learn of this situation you have described. Please reach out to Ashley Houston at ahouston@puentehillssubaru.com or 626-626-4800 so we can discuss the details of your visit in hopes of restoring your confidence back in our dealership.


Bad service experience

Took my car for service and later they came to tell me that the technician stripped two lugs from my wheels. First they were going to send someone to buy them and compensate. Later they walked me inside the shop to explain their mistake. The manager service advisor pretty much told me that I had to get it repaired because they didn't had time. Then I noticed my front plate was bent. This place is bad. On my way to the shop to buy my lugs, I heard noise coming from my front wheels. Did not ask the guys to check it out because subaru at puente hills was the last one to work on the car. Took it back to the dealership and John was kind to take care of it. They inspected the car and told me again that 2 lug nuts were "stripped" even though they were brand new. They never fixed my car and had to get my car repaired at a wheel and tire shop and it cost me $700 for their incompetence. The next morning I went to talk to Mr. Pintado the service director about the issue with my car. He brought in John the service advisor and one of the technicians that worked on my car. Long story short, puente hills subaru refused to pay for the damages and I will be taking them to court. Avoid this place at all cost. Their customer service is very poor. They only car when you buy a car but when they cause damages to your car is another story with them.


Avoid at all cost

I will avoid this dealership at all costs. I've had multiple issues with parts I've ordered and paid for and then suddenly they have no record of it. I've wasted hundreds of dollars at this place for the last time.

Dealer response

Please reach out to us so we can discuss the details of your visit in hopes of restoring your confidence back in our dealership. Ashley Houston at ahouston@puentehillssubaru.com or 626-626-4800


Missing tires on property

If your car ever gets broken into or it’s tired go missing on their property just be warned that this terrible business will not take any responsibility or do anything to help you find out what happened. I have informed all my family and friends to take their business elsewhere because this is absolutely ridiculous. On your own property?! Some loyal employees you have working for you. Will NEVER return.


Appointments are useless

Up until now my husband and I have had nothing but good things to say about this location. Unfortunately that changed very quickly. My husband had an appointment to have the lower control arms replaced on his vehicle. He was told that this should take a couple hours to complete. He dropped his vehicle off a couple hours early and assumed he would have it back before the end of the day. Nope. They didn't even call to let him know they would be keeping it overnight. The next morning he called to ask what was going on. He was told they would be getting to it shortly and it should be done by noon. Still wrong. He called again a little after noon and was told it had been a busy morning, but they were getting to his car soon. We ended up just going there at 2pm since the service department closed at 3pm that day. They were finally taking care of it when we arrived. We waited a little over an hour while they finished working on it. Why even make appointments if it is going to just be pushed back until they feel like getting to it? Something that he was told would take a couple hours, and they had the vehicle for 27 hours!

Dealer response

Hello, thank you for leaving us this detailed feedback. We always strive to do 100% for all of our customers, so we're disappointed to hear of your negative experience with us. We'd like the opportunity to turn your experience around. Please reach out to Ashley Houston at ahouston@puentehillssubaru.com or 626-626-4800 at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can turn this experience into a positive one. We hope to hear from you soon.


2020 Subaru Forester Touring

After talking to Emy on the phone and got the price of the 2020 Forester Touring, got to see her at the dealership and we did the buying process smoothly. Very happy with my new car with help of this beautiful and smart internet sales manager. Will definitely recommend this friendly dealership to my friends

Dealer response

Congratulations on your new 2020 Forester! Your recommendation means so much to us and we're so happy to have earned it. Thank you again for taking the time to let the world know about your positive experience. Have a great day!



IN SEARCH OF A CAR WE HAD WENT TO PUENTE HILLS SUBARU FEW TIME, IN OUR FIRST VISIT , WE HAD A SALE MAN NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE WRX , WE TALK TO ANOTHER SALE AND GAVE U A GOOD VIBE , BUT CAUSE WE WERE ONLY SHOPPING FOR THE BEST PRICE WE GOT CALL LIARS AND THAT HE DID NOT WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH US. FEW MONTH GO BY WE WENT AND ORDER A 2020 WRX , THE INTERNET MANAGER HAS ASSURED US OF THE BEST PRICE.After waiting 8 week the can was delayed , I told the manager that if I got a better offer would they beat it. YES was his answer , I sent him 2 offer from other dealer , to which he said that they weren't good offers, and basically again was told , that he didn't cqr if we bought from them , that the car we order would be sold anyways . His manager did call and again same word we can match it , I went in and the offer was still higher and I told him and show them the offer , they bascally said it was not a legit offer and that they could not do it . and just waste our time by going in

Dealer response

Joe, we are so disappointed to learn of this situation you have described. Please reach out to us at (626) 626-4800 when you have a chance so we can discuss your concerns in hopes of resolving this matter to your satisfaction.


To diagnosis the sensor whether is malfunctioning

I love the service of the service advisor Steven Recinos/0546 that he provided me. He explained the problem to me very clearly. This was the third time I came for service since I bought the car , and Steven always gave a very positive attitude towards his job.

Dealer response

Hello, thanks for your great review, and for giving our dealership such a high star rating! Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can do for you. Take care.


Very bad service, don’t trust them!!

Don’t go Subaru Puente Hills. I went to there for oil change and tire rotation. I told 2 of them about tire rotation and gave the mechanic my wheel locks key. They said “Yes” but they didn’t do tire rotation. After I came back home I noticed about it and called them what’s going on? They said the coupon that I used isn’t include tire rotation. Then WHY didn’t they tell me about it? I could have paid for tire rotation, they didn’t do anything, they didn’t tell me anything. And there was a weird sound from in the under cover, so I asked them take off the under cover and check the inside. OMG, they didn’t check it out at all, they didn’t take off the under cover! I checked by myself today, there are lots of glass in the under cover. I called them that I need to talk their supervisor and they said they are gonna call me back, it never happened!! Don’t trust Puente Hills Subaru.

Dealer response

Hello, we appreciate you taking the time to leave this review. We regret to learn that you did not have a more positive experience with us. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please reach out to Ashley Houston at ahouston@puentehillssubaru.com or 626-626-4800 when you have a chance. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.



Never have we experienced such bad service, never! We have purchased Toyota’s, Volvo’s Mercedes and jeeps never have we experienced so many problems with car but specially with the level of service from this dealership, very disappointed with the product and specially with the service, we will definitely not recommend this product and this dealership

Dealer response

Ruben, it's upsetting to hear that you did not receive the top-notch service we strive to provide. If you are willing to give us another chance, please reach out to Ashley Houston at ahouston@puentehillssubaru.com or 626-626-4800 to speak to our manager directly.