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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(85 reviews)
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(85 reviews)

A dealership's rating is based on all of their reviews, with more weight given to recent reviews.

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Great Services

Great customer service from Abraham and Danny, made me feel comfortable. I felt no pressure to buy and that's what I really liked. Customer service was top notch.


Best Dealership

Very professional, friendly, also very considerate in pleasing buyers request for some parts of the auto fixes parts free of labor charges. Excellent service all around. Thank you Green Light Auto


Customer Service, Customer Care

Danny and his team are wonderful. They took the time to make sure that we were 100% satisfied before we left Corona for Huntington Beach. Linda is loving her "Black Beauty". Green Light is a wonderful dealership. In our short wait, I walked the yard. I only saw quality automobiles, some low miles, some higher miles. Whatever your need or your budget, Green Light Auto will make you happy. When you read this review, feel free to call Linda or Bob at (201) 981-0458. Good luck with your car search!!!


Follow up pick some were else to buy.

After signing a credit app, driving the SUV, getting them our personal financial info for the loan agreeing on terms, selling our other car for the down and making a appointment to come back and finish the paper work they sold the SUV out from under us with out a call? When my wife finally talked to our sales person he said he was very sorry he did not know and the owner promised to get us another SUV but they needed a day and he would call us back. The next day we called them and he said they had one and were going over it and would call us the next day. Well that was two days ago and no call? Worked out good for us we went to carmax got a newer SUV, less miles, lower interest rate, way better experience for the same payment. They are not honest people especially the owner go else were. There are way more options out there then to put yourself though there dishonesty.

Dealer response

Once again let me apologize for any inconvenience you may have. We called you the day after we sold the vehicle when we had another vehicle here ready for sale. I spoke to your wife and explained that the car needed to be inspected by our mechanic and detailed before being sold. She responded that she would talk to you and call me back in an hour. That hour never came, I then attempted to reach you the following day when the vehicle was ready and again reached voicemail. I am glad you were able to get another vehicle somewhere else. All we strive for is a customer?s happiness, regardless if the vehicle is sold through us or through another dealership. We really do hope you accepted our sincere apologize and do give us the opportunity to earn your business once again. Have a blessed day!


GO ELSE WERE!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we had agreed on a price and financing we made another appointment to drive 25 miles back out to get the car. We were not able to make it and rescheduled for the next day at 2:30pm. They had me fax all my paper work in for the loan witch I did that day. When I called to let them know the next day that we were on our way another sales person told us they had sold the car out from under us with out even a call to let us know it was being sold!!! The excuse was we never gave a deposit but they never asked for one, we would of gladly gave them one if they would of asked we thought they did not need ask sense we sent all out financials in for the loan and they never asked for a deposit, never called to let us know some one else was interested nothing. Danny was our sales person and is nice but he was off and told us to call the dealer when we were on our way and he would meet us there. We sold our other car and had the cash for the down and they sold the car out from under us with out even a call? Very very bad buisness practice and no way any one should go here!!!!!!!!!!! We are now stuck with no car after having an agreement to buy theirs. Very bad buisness practice!!!!!

Dealer response

First off, before anything else is said I would like to apologies for any inconvenience you may have had here at Green Light Auto. You had a specific appointment that you had set up, and unfortunately were not able to make it. We then rescheduled for the following day in the afternoon. We had a customer show up on the lot ready to buy the same vehicle. We attempted to call you but had no luck, left a voicemail and proceeded to sell the vehicle. Without a deposit we can't really hold the vehicle on someone's word. The deal was made on a first come first serve basis. We do apologize that you had this inconvenience and hope we can earn your business again one day. Have a blessed day!


Great Service

Great car, great service, fast process. Driving out happy!


Super satisfied

Perfect to place to buy a car with bad credit. Came in being denied from two other lots, didn't have any hope of getting approved. Was approved with little money down and got the car that I wanted. I truly recommend this place to anyone who is trying to find a good car for a decent price and doesn't have "perfect" credit.



I contacted this dealer long distance from Salt lake city, Ut. inquiring about a 2004 Volvo S80 T6 they had that was advertised in several places on the internet. The car was advertised with only 54k miles and in perfect condition. The price was reasonable so I spoke with their salesman named Abraham after looking at several photos posted on their website. Abraham assured me there were no dents or dings in this car and it was in beautiful condition. After this reassurance I put a deposit on the car and bought an airline ticket to go pick it up. When I arrived at the dealership for inspection as I walked around the car it had dents, scrapes and dings in every panel except the trunk lid and roof. The windshield was deeply chipped and the wheels had been covered with some kind of a plastic black coating. The right rear had been in a recent accident and poorly repaired. It looked nothing like the photos they posted advertising the car. Needless to say I walked away and had to pay the expense of a return flight. Their explanation was they thought I was asking about another Volvo they had in stock, which was a highly suspect excuse to me. Since they do in house financing I think maybe this car was sold to an abusive buyer who did a lot of the damage and they then had to repossess it and were trying to recoup their losses. I would not recommend dealing with these people, especially Abraham who is unintelligible on the phone and seems to be OK saying whatever he needs to sell a car, no matter what condition. They have a finance man named Danny who seems to be a very upright kind of guy and was very apologetic about what I went through and returned my deposit. Beware of Green light Motors in Corona, CA.

Dealer response

First off, before anything I would like to apologize for any inconvenience you may have had here at Green Light Auto. We strive to always bring 100% customer satisfaction to anyone that comes or calls our dealership. At the moment you called we had two Volvos in inventory with roughly the same miles. Abraham was under the impression you were asking about the other Volvo (which is in a lot better condition than the one you called about) and that?s the reason he said it had no dents and was in ?beautiful? conditions. We went out of our way and arranged to pick you up at the Airport. We did this happily to try and make this process a lot simpler. Upon arrival, you disapproved (Which you have the right to make of course) and decided not to purchase the vehicle. We then took you back to the airport. All in all I would truly like to apologize if you had a bad experience here at our dealership. Unlike many other customers that have come here to Green Light Auto and drove out happy. We are here to make sure every customer is happy with their purchase.