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(223 reviews)

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First Time, but not last time, Vette buyer

So, I've never owned a Chevrolet, let alone a Corvette. Boy did I pick the right guy to buy my first Chevrolet Corvette from. Rusty - owner/operator/salesperson and shuttle car driver was awesome. I am sure he wanted to roll his eyes more than a few times at some of my questions. I've bought over 30 cars in my life and I can say Rusty was the best seller I've dealt with. Didn't feel like a dealer, felt like he was selling me his car. Took the time to answer all of my questions, picked me up at the airport and understood when I asked for advice as a first time Vette owner. The car is awesome and everything I expected and so much more. I can already say it's not my last Vette and can also say I'll buy from Rusty again. Thanks - from a Satisfied Customer!



Working with Rusty was an outstanding experience. I purchased the vehicle, sight unseen and when delivered, it exceeded my expectations. There was no pressure as you might have experienced in other dealerships; just a fair and honest transaction when dealing with Rusty. He is very thorough and answered my phone message immediately, even though he was out of town. An overall excellent experience from the first conversation to the delivery.


Sad, but true

Here's my story...contacted R3 Motorcars about a car they had advertised on-line. It was a 2016 Corvette. Salesman Rusty conveyed to me the car was a 4.8 out of 5. Told me the car had no scratches other then a 3" scratch on the bottom of the carbon fiber front splitter. He even took a poor video, which really in hindsight was meant to obscure the real damage. The splitter was completely damaged in no less then six different spots. Replacement cost to me, with installation was $800. In addition, the car had "curb rash" on 2 wheels, and scratches on the carbon fiber removable top. Finally, when I received the car from the Auto Transport Company, (bought sight, unseen) it was evident that the tires had barely any tread left on them (2/32"). I should have rejected the car when it arrived, but I am a man of my word, and I accepted the car. Total cost to me to get the car to where it was acceptable by most people's standards, was $2500. R3 Motorcars practices the kind of salesmanship that gives dealers a bad name. Total transparency, and full disclosure were not evident in this transaction. I paid the price. Buyer, beware. I would suggest that anyone that buys a car from him, sight unseen, they should hire a 3rd party to verify the condition of the car. Sadly, I didn't, and paid the price.

Dealer response

My name is Rusty Smith and I am the owner of R3 Motorcars. This is the 1st negative review I have ever received as you can tell by my perfect rating. The Corvette this client purchased was a 2016 Z06 with the Z07 track pkg. Included in the track pkg are the michelin pilot cup 2 tires. They are pretty much racing slicks and do not look like a normal tire. I tried over and over to explain this to my client and he just could not understand. The scratch on the front splitter was not only pictured by me and emailed to him, but I filmed an HD video of the whole car/wheels and posted it online for him to view. I know the saying that you can't please everyone, but I really try my best to go above and beyond with any of my clients needs to try and please them. I am more transparent than any other car dealer out there and I hope my other 100's of perfect 5 star reviews on all review sites speaks to that. Rusty Smith Owner


Wonderful Buying Experience Thanks To Rusty

Rusty is a gentleman, a Christian, and a man of his word. He was very accurate in his answers and descriptions over the phone. This is probably the last Vette I'll buy and we wanted to enjoy the process so my wife and I drove down from Indianapolis to see the car and finalize the deal. The car was nicer than I expected, and I was expecting a lot! His facility is great, and Rusty treated us like friends. He completely took care of us and the transaction details and explained every thing we needed to know and do when we got home. He arranged for the car to be shipped to us, and that was a very good experience as well. Each time I drive the car or even get in it, I find myself grinning form ear to ear. It is beautiful, and I thank you Rusty for a wonderful experience from start to finish.


R3 Motorcars

We drove over 4 hours one way to look at a vehicle. It was well worth the trip. Rusty was great. You can tell the quality of the vehicles the instant you walk into the showroom.


2013 Z06

I drove all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana to buy my 2013 Zo6 from r3motorcars. Car was even sweeter in person. Unlike most dealer's Rusty new this was a special day for me and treated me as such. If your looking for a Corvette I would recommend Rusty at r3motorcars! they treat you with the respect you deserve. Dave McDonald a satisfied customer of r3motorcars.


2014 Lime green green Corvette Convertible

Just got my corvette delivered yesterday. It was in excellent condition as Rusty had stated. I am very pleased and highly recommend this dealer to E bay buyers.


Excellent sales on high end sports cars

This is my second visit to R3 and what a phenomenal display of cars! Bought my 3rd corvette this weekend, a fully loaded C7 Stingray! Once again the cars are impeccable on the showroom compared to anything you'll buy at a dealership lot. I am a very particular Corvette enthusiast and this is not only a private dealership but this company is your personal car broker and the service combined with the experience is top notch and the owner is very personable. I traded in my 2012 C6 Centennial Edition and was very pleased. I will be returning to R3 motorcars for my 4th Vette. Thank you.


Just took delivery of 2 corvettes from Rusty at R3

Cars came exactly as they were told to us by Rusty. Very painless experience! Highly recommend this outfit! Matt and John in Ohio!


Low mileage Vette

Rusty is a man of his word...................................................