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(142 reviews)

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Buyer beware. These people are very friendly when you're first purchasing a vehicle but could care less after you've walked out. They sold me a car that had rear end damage that they did not disclose to me. I've gone through three sets of rear tires because the frame is bent and my tires are wearing out on the inner side. Same damage on every tire that I had to have replaced. Just last night, my tire blew out on me. It blew out last year on my birthday not to mention coming out side to a flat tire on a different occasion. This problem was evident in the beginning and I made mention to Sarah about it. She had me bring it back so they could look into it as well as do some other adjustments and repairs because the car shouldn't have been sold like it was in the first place. She claims to have done the brakes but that was not the issue. I just purchased the car May 2022 and have already gone through three sets of rare tires. I had two mechanics tell me that it was pre-existing damage and they showed me just by looking that the tires were uneven and therefore this problem with persist. I've tried to contact them and they are basically ignoring me. So now I spent over $1,500 on tires and I was told that in order to repair the problem it would cost anywhere between $750 and $1200. I've left her one message today but I can anticipate that she won't return the message or call me back so I'm going to have to take the legal route. If you value your safety and the safety of your loved ones I don't suggest you purchase a car from these people. I really wish I've read all the reviews because from the outside it looks like they are good dealership, but if you look deeper you'll see others having issues like I had experienced. They need to either repair my vehicle or give me my money back. I will update if they decide to fix this issue.


An Easy Process

The dealers here can help you every step of the way to find your ideal car. They are very friendly and helpful. They helped my mom to get me a car that I was interested in for a good price. They keep their cars in great conditions such as the helpful brakes in my 2016 Ford Fusion.


2nd time purchase

Hawthorne motor express is the best car dealership! Why you may ask is because they will work with your credit and make sure to give you their best deals ! Sara went out her way to make sure we got approved with our 2nd car ! I am very satisfied with my purchase. If you are In Town and looking for a car go ahead check them out!! You won’t be disappointed.


Amazing Service!!!

I highly recommend this dealer to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle! The service was incredible, and I was able to quickly purchase my dream car with no issues.


Highly Recommend

Great Service And Great Experience Comments: after searching for a nissan pathfinder, we were able to find one here, I got in contact with sara the owners daughter and she was very helpful, we made an appointment and her parents worked with us to get the nissan pathfinder 2014 we want it, we are so happy with our purchase and pleased with the great service, highly recommend this place 😃😀


Thank You

The best car buying experience ever! I will always buy my cars from Sara! So happy I found this dealership! The process was super easy and fast.


Amazing Family Owned Business!

My best car buying experience yet! They are an amazing family owned business who did great quality work. They truly deserve 5 stars, definitely recommend!


Great Place!

Sara and staff are extremely helpful in any needs that I have. I HIGHLY recommend this place over all others considering the low prices they have on all vehicles!


Will recommend to everyone

Thanks to Hawthorne motors express for helping me find the perfect car everyone was absolutely nice I will tell all my friends I couldn’t Ask for nothing they was so helpful thank you guys so much see y’all soon


Highly recommended

Such a tremendous experience, I was so excited to write a review for potential buyers. If you are looking for to get used car, this is THE PLACE for you to go. I got 2011 Acura RDX(Turbo) from Hawthorn Motors Express. I would say that this was the best dealer I ever visited considering their kindness, honesty, warmth, and care. I received almost all the information i need to get a car and I was amazed how they are prepared and clear when I ask all sorts of question. Since I am from Korea, I am going to write something down in Korean. 이 딜러십은 패밀리가 운영하고 있으며, 사장님과 그의 자녀들이 운영하고 있습니다. 너무나 깔끔한 일처리와 정직한 가격, 그리고 탁월한 서비스로 정말 A 급으로 만족하면서 차를 구매했습니다. 아큐라 2011년도 찾기가 매우 어려웠는데 상태가 매우 좋은 차량을 경쟁력있는 금액으로 구매했으며, 1000마일까지 운행중에 문제가 생기면 언제라도 고쳐주는 폴리시가 있어서, 차량 문제에 대한 걱정은 없었습니다. 어정쩡한 딜러가셔서, 쓸데없는 네고에 머리 아프시지 마시고...여기에 오셔서 한번에 해결하시면 좋겠습니다. 미리 홈페이지에 가셔서 차량을 보시고 가시면 훨씬더 도움됩니다