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Hawthorne Motors Express

(148 reviews)
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(148 reviews)

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Sara and Marvin were extremely helpful and patient with

Sara and Marvin were extremely helpful and patient with my family and I . Sold us a solid car and I highly recommend them !!


Everyone at Hawthorne Motors Dxpress was so amazingly

Everyone at Hawthorne Motors Dxpress was so amazingly helpful. Sara was so amazingly helpful and understanding while helping me get into the car I needed. Her and everyone at Hawthorne Motors really went above and beyond to help me and not only did they help me they trusted in my integrity as a buyer which is such an amazing feeling while you’re making such an important purchase. Thank you Hawthorne Motors Express!


Nice dealership, nice service

I had a really awesome experience purchasing a car from this dealership. They’re professional and also super friendly to help with your problems. This is my first time purchasing a car and I would say I love it.


Great people

Great people who are willing to work with you and help make the process easier! They are patient and respectful and want you to leave satisfied.


Amazing service

Amazing people with great service and awesome cars at a decent price! Will recommended this dealer for anyone looking for a good deal. Good overall experience


Trash dealership with liars

Bought a car from here and literally same day the check engine light turns on and I took it to the mechanic and was told all the injectors needed replacing. The guy they had look at the car lied saying it only needs a new oxygen sensor. Do not go to this dealer. Bunch of liars

Dealer response

Hi Devin, I don't have any record of someone with your name buying a vehicle from us. I would love the opportunity to speak with you. I believe that you may be referring to the dealership across the street with a very similar name. Can you please give us a call 310-371-4500? Who is the sales person you dealt with?


Put deposit to hold the car, but the car lot sold the car

Put deposit to hold the car, but the car lot sold the car on Tuesday, same day my Mother’s Mom passed away! Bad business

Dealer response

Hi Tanisha, Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, we had agreed to take your deposit to hold the vehicle until Monday since you were waiting for your check to clear. We were under the impression that the check would 100% be cleared by then. Unfortunately, since it was a settlement check that was not the case and it was unknown when the funds were going to be released. We typically do not even take vehicle deposits because it takes the vehicle off the market for other people who have the ability to be purchase the vehicle right away. We made an exception since your mother was sure it was going to be available by then.


These people sold me a lemon.

These people sold me a lemon. They sold me a car that had rear end damage that they did not disclose to me. I bought the car May 2022 and had to replace the rear tires 3 times, due to a bent rear frame. All the tires are damaged in the same exact area, this is because the tires do not sit evenly on the ground. I mentioned the wobblyness within the first few days that I had the car. Sarah gave me attitude when I complained about it as well as a few other things that needed to be adjusted fixed or replaced. She claimed to have done the brakes but the problems still persisted. I purchased new tires and the problem went away for a little while. But only after about 2 to 3 months the same problem resurfaced. The tire technician told me that I will have to keep replacing my rear tires until the vehicle is repaired which will cost between $750 and $1200. I've called them several times and they either put you on hold or don't return your calls at all. I am now seeking legal help in either getting this car repaired or getting my money back. I am not the only one who is experienced an issue with this business.


An Easy Process

The dealers here can help you every step of the way to find your ideal car. They are very friendly and helpful. They helped my mom to get me a car that I was interested in for a good price. They keep their cars in great conditions such as the helpful brakes in my 2016 Ford Fusion.


2nd time purchase

Hawthorne motor express is the best car dealership! Why you may ask is because they will work with your credit and make sure to give you their best deals ! Sara went out her way to make sure we got approved with our 2nd car ! I am very satisfied with my purchase. If you are In Town and looking for a car go ahead check them out!! You won’t be disappointed.