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Bad business out for your money and that’s it not

I bought a car from a salesman call Omar my name is George bought a 2015 740 LIX Dr. BMW with 120,000 miles on it and I and drove about 100 miles. I brought it from New York back to Connecticut car broke down pay $800 to send it back to them for them not to even fix nothing but to get it running again and send it back to me. Also, where they sit in my car, they end up, damaging it they crashed. It bent the rim and everything I mean what professionalism is that never got in. Touch with me about nothing. These people do not answer the phone to do not returned your messages, they’re false advertising on the Internet do not buy a car from these people. They are no good they’re not stand up people they just want your money and they let you go. Sorry that I ever did business with these people. O


You need a car that’s your place

They are so helpful and family they treat you like family care about your needs and your price range not pushy . They don’t charge you all these crazy fees .


Waste of 8hrs

I drove over 4hrs to purchase an Infiniti QX60, called a few hrs before I got there, was told the car was still available. Once I got there spoke with a nice salesman he then told me that the vehicle was sold the night before. I was very disappointed because I was given misinformation. But they did show me the same type of vehicle less mileage and a newer yr just more money. Very nice gentlemen I just wished the person on the phone had did his job correctly. The reason for 5 star is because the guys I spoke with while looking at other car’s were very knowledgeable and helpful!


Amazing service!

Jared was amazing! He really helped me find the best deal with the best car! He was so patient and friendly. 100% recommend him. They have the best deals in town- seriously!



This Dealer advertised a car they could not produce. We began an online transaction in which the dealer took a down payment but failed to produce a vehicle and then after numerous calls and requests failed to return the down payment requiring that we start a complaint with the State of New York to commence an investigation in an effort to have our funds restored. Drive right past or if online, click right past these guys. Very shady


They make it happen!

Thanks for everything Signature Auto Sales! They delivered in their promise to work hard to get me approved! Omar and the sales manager Manny are both amazing, and are not only professional but personable. They were able to offer guidance throughout the entire process.


Thumbs up"" (moe is the guy)

Cool experience ,nice deals, they will help you quick to get an approval and they have pretty good cars overall good quality of service ,yeah that's it.


great auto sales

great used auto sales company. found the car i was looking for. great sales rep and finance manager. went thru step by step. never left my side and explained everything. bought the car for a great deal


Best Dealership Iv ever been to

Service and staff are out of this world amazing. Great group of people. Beautiful car and very understanding staff. Highly recommend. Give this dealership a shot, I promise you won’t regret it


Dealer did not appear to want to sell the car..

My experience with this car dealership started with a phone call from Mr. Muhammad on Friday responding from my request for availability of the 2010 Lexus LS460. Mr. Muhammad during the phone conversation informed me that the car is still available and asked me when I will be available to see the car. I had informed him that I will come to inspect and test drive the car on Saturday. Mr. Muhammad did agree to the test driving of the car. He stated that his office hours were from 11am to 3pm and call him before leaving to the dealership. So Saturday morning at 11:30am I have called the dealership to confirm the appointment. Another dealer personnel answered the phone and I asked for Mr. Muhammad, but the person on the line stated that he has not arrived at the dealership so stop by anyway since the Lexus LS460 is in the lot. So I Uber'd it from Brooklyn to LI for my appointment to inspect and test drive the Lexus and planned to purchase the car if it passed my inspection. When I arrived at the site, the first red flag was that the car was in the middle of the car lot surrounded by other vehicles. Mr. Muhammad did not move the car out of the lot to prepare for me to test drive the car. But to give a benefit of a doubt I figured he would eventually move the other cars out so I may inspect the vehicle properly. I have greeted Mr. Muhammad and informed him that we have spoken on Friday. He then said ok and told me to just take a look at the car and then proceeded to walk away. The second red flag was that the car was locked and Mr. Muhammad did not state that he was getting the keys to open up the doors. Thinking that this was strange behavior I proceeded to inspect the exterior of the car. After several minutes I have noticed some issues with the front bumper holding clips under the passenger side wheel well were missing and or broken, and the driver side rear wheel well has a small dent and minor scratches on the passenger door, not a huge deal. The second dealer approached me and he asked if I am okay with the car. I had informed him of the imperfections found on the body of the car and he immediately stated that the car is a used car and these things happens and they stop repainting or fixing body issues due to past complaints from customers. I really did not ask him about all that and of course I knew the Lexus was used, so he really did not had to go there. Then I asked the young dealer for Mr. Muhammad where abouts, so the he went to retrieve him. When Mr. Muhammad returned I asked him for the keys of the Lexus. He went and retrieve the keys and turned on the car and he walked away again. I'd then further inspected the operations of the car and noticed that the fuel was pretty much at empty. The dealer have not bothered to put fuel in the car. Plus there was a warning light constantly flashing on the tach panel. The engine appeared to be okay except for some valve lash which was expected from a 100k car, but the engine revs appeared to perform and sound normal. The third and final red flag was when Mr. Muhammad returned and I had informed him about the imperfections in the exterior of the car, and I also asked him about the test driving of the car. His claim was that the price of the car is the lowest they have come up with and that there was not enough time to test drive the car. "It was only 12:30 and he was leaving at 3pm." Test driving the Lexus would only take me 15 to 20 minutes to test drive the car. Mr. Muhammad asked me to come back and test drive the car on Monday which I had declined. I have spend $56 going there and another $66 to return home to Brooklyn. That really did not sit well with me at all. Final thoughts. For some reason which I can not understand Mr. Muhammad thought that just by me looking at the exterior of the car was enough to purchase the car, that was the impression I was getting. I want to write more but the text is limited...