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(85 reviews)

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About my latest transaction at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo...

About my latest transaction at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo with Larry Zemliak For a second car transaction at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo/Portland, I could not have a better man than the one who helped me for the first one, Larry Zemliak. When several months ago, Larry and I completed the purchase of the 2012 Maserati Gran Turismo, I let him know that I will be back with the intention of purchasing a Ferrari. After a few questions to "picture" the car, Larry knew which car I was thinking about. During the following months, we both were talking about the new models coming up and my thoughts about the FF as well as the F12 Berlinetta, and even if Ferrari had stopped manufacturing the 599 last year, I really liked the 599 GTB Fiorano, because I am more into the "classic " Pininfarina style. So I told Larry that if ever he happened to hear about a 599 GTB Fiorano red outside and white inside, he should let me know ASAP. One month later, Larry had followed up and he emailed me pictures of a 599 Fiorano that just got in the shop, exactly the description I made of it . He showed me the car, I liked it a lot, I took very little time to make my mind, and here I am with the car of my dreams, thanks to Larry once again. Larry is the man who will find you the car of your dreams. Larry could not make a better day in my life at this moment! He is the quiet man who listens to you very carefully, and with a few questions, he will know who you are to suggest the best car in your life, and he will get it for you. His knowledge is endless about Ferraris and Maseratis. What else do you want when you go buy the car of your dreams at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo..? The answer is: Larry Zemliak! At Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo, everybody pays a great deal of attention to your desires and wishes, and the man I deal with is Larry Zemliak, because he is the best professional and found the best choices for me. Thank you Larry! It’s always a pleasure !!!!! Christian Selleron


Greg and Larry of Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo are GREAT! I...

Greg and Larry of Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo are GREAT! I drove down to the dealership and test drove a 2011 BMW. I drove back home and decided to purchase the vehicle. I called Larry and Greg and they said that they would get the loan application started and drive the vehicle to our house in Longview, Washington when the loan was approved. Several hours later they were on their to Longview. When they arrived they had the car and loan papers in hand. The signing took about fifteen to twenty minutes. First class service from two first class people and one first class auto dealership! Thank you! Joe Martin


I was looking to buy another 2008 Mustang Bullitt, but I...

I was looking to buy another 2008 Mustang Bullitt, but I couldn't find the right one near my home in Southern California. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo had one that looked very nice in the pictures they had posted on eBay. However, I was more than a little concerned about flying from San Diego to Portland to pick up a car that I hadn't seen in person, relying only on the posted pictures. Larry Zemliak answered all of my questions and concerns over the phone and by email, and was the most responsive Sales Manager I have ever worked with in purchasing many cars over many, many years. Larry assured me that the car was beautiful, but if I didn't think the car was as described when I came to pick it up, he would refund my deposit. Larry sent all of the paperwork to me via UPS, with a UPS return envelope enclosed, so we could expedite the paperwork in advance of me picking the car up. My Son and I flew from San Diego to Portland to complete the purchase, and were picked up at the Portland airport by Larry as soon as our flight arrived around 9:15am. By 10:10am we were on our way home to San Diego, driving the 2008 Bullitt, after doing a walk around and test drive of the car, completing the final signatures on the paperwork, and paying for the car. The car was immaculate, as described by Larry, and it ran flawlessly on the 1,100 mile drive home from Portland. As we were leaving the dealership, I asked Larry if we were missing something in the paperwork, because this was the easiest and quickest car buying experience I have ever had. I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend the dealership and Larry to anyone, nor would I hesitate for a moment to purchase another vehicle from Larry. He truly exemplifies the words "customer service".


Ron Tonkin cannot exist without Larry Zemliak! Larry...

Ron Tonkin cannot exist without Larry Zemliak! Larry helped us pick the right car, and customize it to the best options. Larry has always been very professional, very courteous . His knowledge about these fantastic cars, their history in racing and the making process make him the best sales person we met for our choice. His patience has no limit, his thorough appreciation of your wishes made it easy for us to decide. Larry was always available to answer our questions and, without any rush or pressure we have been able to come up with the best car. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo has the best professional, his name is Larry Zemliak. Thank you so much Larry, for being such a great professional available to listen to our wishes and requests, answering all questions with such an impressive knowledge and accuracy!


Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo and Greg Theis made the...

Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo and Greg Theis made the impossible possible for me. I never imagined that I would buy an auto off the internet sight unseen. I called Greg Theis after seeing the offer and photos on the internet and he answered all questions with utmost honesty and clarity. Even after I had purchased this beautiful car for a very fair price I had more questions and each time Greg would take the time and answer all of my questions with patience and reassurance. Larry put the car on the autotransport to California and I was awe struck when it was off loaded. I strongly recommend Ron Tonkin and the team at this stellar company. You will not go wrong. Many thanks; esp. to Greg Theis. My rating is a 5 star for this outstanding auto buying experience. Alan -October 20, 2011 Liked: Disliked:


Very impressed with customer care at this dealership. ...

Very impressed with customer care at this dealership. The most comfortable car buying experience we have ever had! Will definitely shop here again in the future. Jacob was courteous and a pleasure to work with. I Highly recommend this dealership!


Jacob was very helpful throughout the whole process. He...

Jacob was very helpful throughout the whole process. He explained all the paperwork as we were going through the signing, pointed out specific things throughout the documents. He also pointed out specific things about the car - i.e. how to open the trunk. Made the whole experience what it should be with very little stress.


We took delivery on the MB SLK280 and Wow, it turned out...

We took delivery on the MB SLK280 and Wow, it turned out to be beautiful and even better than we expected and what a fun car. Larry Zemliak made everything go so smooth, he took care of all the paperwork and shipping and made this by far the easiest auto purchase I have ever had in 30 plus years of buying cars. I would definitely use Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo again for a car purchase and would recommend them to anyone. I used their past reviews as my guide and was not disappointed. Thanks Larry for making this a very pleasant experience!!!


Purchased car sight unseen on ebay, so was naturally a...

Purchased car sight unseen on ebay, so was naturally a little nervous about the process. Larry, the sales manager at RTGT, was excellent in all respects. His communication was expedient and detailed, and the purchase couldn't have gone smoother (except I tried to arrange my own shipping, which was a disaster -- Larry was later able to arrange shipping with no problems). The vehicle was delivered as promised, and was immaculate, exactly as was shown on the photos. I could not have been more satisfied with the customer service I received from Larry and his staff at RTGT.


The dealership is on a beautiful property....its a...

The dealership is on a beautiful property....its a special place to buy a car. Jacob was very pleasant, easy to work with and he made sure I understood the whole deal. I came to this dealership to look at a car I saw advertised on, but it turned out that car didnt have features I was looking for. Jacob showed me another Mini Cooper on the lot that matched what I was looking for, and I liked the looks of it even better than the one I had seen online! The the car I purchased is exactly what I wanted! I am very happy with the deal we agreed on, and would certainly recommend my friends to work with Jacob at Ron Tonkin Grand Turismo!