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(83 reviews)

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This is an update to my previous review as I can no...

This is an update to my previous review as I can no longer access that gmail account: Bought a 2010 Ford F-250 diesel with only a little over 110,000 miles on it in March 2019. The truck is so bad that 2 different Ford dealerships cannot fix it. A couple of weeks after we bought the vehicle, the serpentine belt assembly went out and then the AC went out twice. The truck also apparently has an aftermarket anti theft device hardwired to it that is causing it to become completely disabled/nondriveable half the time. My husband and I lost hundreds of dollars in repairs and rentals not to mention work my husband lost due to issues with the truck. When I contacted CRM back in October they claimed they’d be willing to take it back, when I brought it in they said they “didn’t have enough room on the lot” and that they’d “find another buyer for me.” They never contacted me back after that and when I contacted them finally they told me they “hadn’t heard from anyone.” The truck is still at Ford undriveable and we had to buy a new $43,000 truck just so my husband could continue working. So if you enjoy owing $400 monthly payments on a $20,000 truck that doesn’t work, CRM is your place....


I bought a truck from CRM last December and it’s been...

I bought a truck from CRM last December and it’s been nothing but a joke of a purchase. First, a day after I got it I realized that it wouldn’t take gas. I immediately texted the salesman and they said it wasn’t doing that to them before I bought it (I still have these text messages saved). A deer rammed the side of it the first week I bought it (obviously not their fault), but this prompted me to bring it to a body shop where I discovered a 2009 entire rear-end had been attached to the back of a 2010 Ram truck because of a wreck it had been in (after being assured and shown a clean carfax upon purchase). Additionally, they put the wrong fuel neck on it and EVAP canister so I ended up paying over $2000 on a new gas tank and it’s assemblies. To add to that, the radio magically stopped working the day after I purchased (again, the salesman didn’t know about this). I took it to have a new one put in and it cost me an additional $300 because someone had cut out the factory wiring harness (unheard of in a vehicle that new). Anyway, now I’m totally upside down in a vehicle I’ll never be able to sell. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! THEY ARE CROOKS! If I had it to do over I would not have purchased from them, period.


Broke before i could get home

Bought a 2012 F250 Diesel and paid $31,000 for it and another $1995 for what they called a "Great" warranty. On my way home I got a " Failed Air Pressure Sensor" warning and the " Check Engine' light came on. I live about 90 miles from their lot so I went on home and parked the truck until I could get it to a shop. I took it in and was told that the "Check Engine" light was caused by a bad EGR and the repair would be about $1,000. I had the shop file a claim on the warranty that I had bought and it was denied. I called CRM and advised them of the problem. They seemed concerned but in the end they did nothing and even stopped returning my calls. With what i paid for the truck I expected better from them. If you buy from them don't expect any service after the sale.


Incredible Experience

My car broke down and I needed something quick and affordable. Craig found exactly what I was looking for and helped me through the entire process. This was the easiest, quickest and best experience I’ve ever had purchasing a vehicle!



They made me feel very much at home and they have great customer service. They made my dad comfortable also just overall a great time.


Great Experience!

This was a very smooth process from beginning to end. More specifically I would like to give high praise to my salesman, Michael Grayson. Not only was he extremely genuine but also a true professional. His approach is quite relaxed and there was no pressure from him at all. After doing my homework and shopping around I knew the deal that I needed to make things work for me. At no time did I have to go to mat with Michael to get that deal. He found a way to make it work in my favor and I couldn't ask for more than that. Thanks Michael! Thanks also goes out to CRM Motors for their assistance with window tinting and staying true to their word. Overall experience at CRM Motors • No pressure, didn't feel rushed • Trustworthy • They listened to me • Quick and painless - the dealership made the process easy • Quick and clear communication (text or in person) • No games • Final price was actually as negotiate (no last minute surprises) • Professional and polite salesperson • Attentive to customer needs


Second great buying experience with CRM

This is my second truck purchased from CRM. On both occasions the staff were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable with out being unnecessarily aggressive. Both times they had exactly the truck I needed, and both times the purchase was completed quickly with very reasonable value given for my trade-in. I want to make special mention of Michael Graydon since he kept me informed over the course of a couple of months about the changing inventory in which he knew I would be interested. When this truck became available he let me know, and, without overstating the importance of seeing it quickly, made sure that I knew it would probably be one I would like. I will very likely but my next truck from CRM as well.


Fast, easy and AWESOME thanks to Michael!

I ran into some issues w my bank because of the age and milage of the jeep I wanted. The bank didn't want to finance it. Michael stepped in and recommended a credit union that approved me and gave me a 3.75 interest rate! It was the easiest deal I ever did. Thanks again to Michael and CRM Motors. My car buying heroes! 😎


Looking for Truck

I was looking for a truck on the lot that was after hours when they were closed. I sent an email asking about it and they contacted me first thing the next morning with an email and a phone call. Nice follow up.


Brad was great and very professional

Brad was great and very professional with my purchase in and out in about 2 hrs. I would recommend and buy again from CRM. Thanks Brad.