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(12 reviews)

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Beware this dealership

Beware of buying a vehicle from Chuck Olson Kia. I purchased a 2021 Sorento Hybrid. From the beginning, I was misled about things. The parts/service department does not seem to know much about the car. I was told that the blind spot monitoring system only works above 35 mph. Not true. At the time of purchase, I was told I could get a home link mirror installed. When I also questioned my sales agent about the lack of a compass in the car, he checked with the parts department and informed me that the compass would be on my upgraded mirror. When I brought the car in to have the mirror installed, I was told that it would take about three hours as nobody there had installed a home link mirror on a 2021 Sorento and they would need to figure out how. It took over 4 1/2 hours! After the mirror was installed, I could not find the compass. I spoke with Jim in parts and he sent me a link to how to access the compass. I still could not find it so I brought the car back to the service department. Nobody there knew how to access the mirror. I was told that the parts manager was the only one who would know and they would have him call me on Monday. He called me and informed me that Kia does not make a mirror with a compass! Also at the time of purchase, it was late afternoon so I was also told by my sales agent that my car would be detailed when I brought it in for the mirror. This was never done. Kia offered to install weather resistant floor mats to replace the compass. When I brought it in, they installed floor mats which do not fit! They claim these are a “good enough” fit even though the passenger side mat does not stay put. I’ve since found out that Kia does not even have weather resistant/rubber floor mats available for the model I purchased. Living with all the rain in the northwest, these are a must. Why would you sell a car where weather resistant floor mats are not an option? Shortly after my purchase, I e-mailed Chuck Olson Kia about my concerns. There was NO response from the dealer for nearly 3 months. I also contacted Kia corporate. They also take weeks to respond and then the response is no more than “we will contact the dealer”. With the type of service and misrepresentation of product that I have received, I will not purchase another Kia, nor would I recommend Kia to any other buyer. At the very least, I would not recommend Chuck Olson Kia.


Watch out! Nickle and Dime

WILL NOT GO BACK. Brought my fiance's car in because the check engine light came on. Even though they found out that the only reason the check engine light came on was due to the gas cap being loose, they still charged her $70! (Even though this would have been fixed the next time we filled up gas...) And it is not like they were not going to get any business from us. We were also getting the alignment fixed and the oil changed ($150) so you would think you could waive the inspection fee for something so simple... I called to try and get this resolved, and the person I talked to was defensive, not helpful. Times are tough right now, and you would think people would try to help where they can but this seems like a good old fashion screw you over because we can moment. Hopefully a different Kia dealership will work FOR us, not AGAINST us next time...


Great Experience!

Great facility, friendly staff, and got exactly what I wanted and was in and out in less than 2 hours. Finance options were fantastic, and was given a better rate than expected!



Wonderful experience. They really went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied. Because my car was a special order they even provided me with a loaner until it arrived. This really was the easiest car purchase ever.


My car was stolen...

Kia has sold thousands of cars that have bad door handles. No damage to them but they just stop working- pull the handle (from inside or out) and nothing happens. After many complaints to NHTSA, KIA was ordered to replace them for free (NHTSA bulletin # 3174742). My 2011 Sorento had both back doors suddenly fail. I was told that they would examine the doors to make sure I hadn't damage them (minimum charge $140, but no charge if they found that the breakage wasn't my fault). Chuck Olsen's service manager examined them and certified that there was no external damage and scheduled a free replacement. When arrived for my appointment the service department refused to do the repairs. Why? My car had been stolen a year back. The insurance paid out but soon thereafter the car was found- undamaged from the joy ride that the thieves took it on. Because the insurance had paid out the car got a special 'brand' on the title. Now I am told I am no longer eligible for any recalls or dealer assistance. I repeat- there was NO damage to the vehicle. The car was stolen in Oregon, and they have 3 different kinds of brands. I got the 'undamaged' brand but KIA doesn't recognize the distinction. Chuck Olson told me repeatedly and proudly that 'NHTSA only ordered us to replace the front door handles, not the back seat ones. They would gladly replace them if They (Chuck Olson) thought it was a safety issue, but opening and closing the back doors is NOT a safety issue). To be clear- if I have kids in the back seat, they cannot get out! And I cannot open the doors from the outside to get them out- but that is not a safety issue for Chuck Olson KIA. Up until that day I was completely pleased with Chuck Olson KIA. Now I am completely disgusted.


To true - let the buyer beware

I wanted a manual transmission. Kia and Hyundai both offer a model with one. However, a backup camera was also a necessity and the Kia Forte LX does not have one. Christopher Berg, my salesman, offered a good deal on a 2018 Forte and led me to believe that Car Toys could install a camera for "$250-$450". Although I researched both Hyundai and Kia, I did not research Car Toys. The quoted cost to install the camera was $1,000. The Hyundai model comes with a camera already installed and was a similar price to the Kia. The next day, when I asked Christopher about the discrepancy, he admitted he was just trying to close the deal on the car. Used car salesman have been the butt of jokes for decades. I'm sorry to say, new car salesmen may be just as misleading. I understand a salesman's job is to sell cars, but a win for the salesman should not be a loss for the customer. I approached Heath Bower, the sales manager, who offered to seek a solution. He never called me back and after my third repeat call, told me no solution was available and I'd have to deal with it. Claimed he had not received my two prior messages but did respond when I told him if I didn't hear from him, I'd take other steps. As a female and senior citizen, I would certainly advise future buyers to beware this dealer's product knowledge and customer service. On a brighter note, Keaton, the finance guy, was efficient and pleasant. Also gave a good cash deal. I'm also pleased with the car.


Mostly good

The process I used to purchase my new Sedona was a bit unusual: I used mostly email to communicate my wishes to candidate dealerships, and Chuck Olson offered the lowest out-the-door price for the most car. So, I was able to bypass the typical car-buying 'routine' of sales pitch, followed by interminable waits in the salesperson's office while he or she consulted with the 'sales manager' on various deal structures. Once Chuck Olson confirmed a firm price in email, I was able to make an appointment to pick up the car, complete the necessary paperwork, and write the check. I made it clear that my time with them on the appointed day was limited, as we live some distance from Seattle, and each trip we make into town has to accommodate a number of appointments, often jammed closely together. Unfortunately, the office visit took much longer than I had anticipated, making me embarrassingly late for the next commitment for the day. Part of the reason was that the salesperson didn't confirm my current address and other information in advance, and all the paperwork was in error and had to be updated during my visit. The finance guy, while pleasant and competent, also took the usual time to offer various options (i.e., extra warranty coverage) most of which non-applicable to our purchase, or of no interest to us. If I'd been asked, I could have clarified those details well in advance, and would have been out of the office in less than half an hour. All that notwithstanding, I was impressed by the salesperson's desire to be helpful, and grateful for his clear, if hurried, explanations of some of the car's features.





Excellent support during the buying process!

Great service by Douglas Schey at Chuck Olson Kia during the purchase of our Kia Sorento. Transparent about pricing and no games. Highly recommended!



Being doing business with Chuck Olson KIA for close to 12 years. Great people. Great service on my 2005 Kia Amanti. Wondeful buying experience on Sandy's Kia Sportage purchase. Great cars great value. Service manager is a five star guy.