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(323 reviews)

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Stay away. LIARS

Ordered a new 2021 gladiator. Loaded it with every possible option. When it arrived.was told had to complete the deal by sept. 30. Did the acceptance in the dark. Found out next day in the daylight,leather interior was cloth. They were going to make it right. Yea right, wanted them to reorder and take back this one. They wanted to send it to a "guy" and have the leather installed. Stretched it out long enough so they couldn't reverse the paperwork. They got it back we don't want it. Told it was ours and they were going to charge us storage. Removed tags, sending them back to penndot. They have the truck. Probably going to hurt credit rating but standards are standards and mine are much higher than this dealership. STAY AWAY. AND NEVER TAKE POSSESION IN THE DARK!


2021 Ram 1500 Limited - Buying Experience

I started shopping for a new vehicle to replace a BMW sedan that was less than a year old, all while still getting the best deal I could. I first shopped at Ford, Chevy, and Toyota, but was interested in a RAM 1500 Rebel. After placing a deposit on both a Chevy and Ford, I went to Miracle to try a RAM for the first time. First of all, Miracle clearly, promptly, and respectfully contacted me. I set up an appointment for a test drive after lunch. The dealership is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable once you step foot inside. My salesman, Chuck, went above and beyond to answer my questions on the two RAM Rebels I was looking at beforehand. He listened to my wants and needs in a truck, and recommended I consider a RAM Limited. After doing a quick tour inside and out, we went out for a test drive. All along the way, Chuck answered all my questions and explained each feature in the truck. His knowledge of the truck from bumper to bumper was easily conveyed and right in line with what I had initially researched. Not once did Chuck or anyone at the dealership bash the other manufacturers, which cannot be said when I went to Ford, Chevy, and Toyota. This truck spoke for itself and did not compare head to head in any category. I could not believe the features and design nuances that were packaged together in this masterpiece of a vehicle. This is a truck that is both durable, capable, and comfortable. Following the test drive, I met with Josh, the General Manager, and Chuck to discuss purchase and lease options. Both of them ran every scenario and had my best interest in mind. Not once did I feel that they were pushy or trying to fleece me. This dealership really is community oriented, and makes you feel like family. After deciding I wanted to purchase, Josh and Chuck worked to get me the best deal. They beat out any other offers for both pricing and trade-in. Within 3 hours of stepping inside the dealership, I was well on my way to owning this amazing truck. To my surprise, I was told I could leave today in my new truck. Once we finished up and moved on to financing, I met with the Finance Director, Bradley. Never have I felt so happy to work with a person in Finance who was transparent, friendly, and worked to get my the best pricing including my desired warranties and protections. Purchasing a high end truck requires peace of mind, and Bradley did just that by helping to get my set up with the best plans tailored to my situation. When it was all said and done, I pulled off the lot with the nicest vehicle I've ever owned in under four hours. Mind you, I went into Miracle Auto to compare the RAM against the F-150, Silverado, and Tundra. Everyone I worked with made me feel right at home, and confident that I had a truck that checked all of my blocks (and then some). Not only that, but they followed up with me the day after to make sure I didn't have any questions or complaints. I am thoroughly happy and impressed with the RAM Limited. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new vehicle to visit Miracle Auto. They will make sure you are taken care of as a customer, and leave no questions unanswered. Thank you again to Josh, Bradley, and Chuck for all of your assistance and making me feel like part of the family! At the end of the day, I can say that the RAM 1500 is in a class of its own. 10/10



big shout out to Amanda and her team. Worked hard to get us the best out come in our time of need. Despite our impatience and "frequent" phone calls we received nothing but kind and courteous response. Thank you so much!


Linda Dykhouse was great! Her knowledge of all the...

Linda Dykhouse was great! Her knowledge of all the departments in the dealership made her an invaluable asset to the Company. She should be the GM


outstanding buying experience

Outstanding buying experience. Helped with ordering the perfect RAM for us. Helped with the right fianancing for us. We know have the perfect RAM towing beast. Thanks


Same problem "fixed" 3 times?!?

Brought my 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 in about a year ago due to gas cap light and check engine light malfunction. They "fixed" it, charged my service plan and me a $100 deductible. About 6 weeks later, same problem. Bring the vehicle back in, they "fix" it again, and charge my service plan and me another $100 deductible - again. Three (3) weeks later - SAME problem! I called them and informed them of the issue. They asked me to bring the vehicle back in AGAIN, which I did not have time to do right away due to work and scheduling issues. I finally made an appointment to bring it in AGAIN over the holidays to fix the issue for the THIRD time. They HOPEFULLY fixed it properly this time, charged my service plan AGAIN and wanted me to pay YET ANOTHER $100 deductible! When I picked up the car, they were unable to run my card for some reason. I then received a threatening email from the service manager - Amanda, a day later saying that if I did not contact them they would send it to collections for the $100. I called her back to discuss the fact that I have had the car in 3 times over the past year for the same issue and they failed to fix it properly the first 2 times. She said "oh it was actually a different part each time, so I can't waive the deductible." Talked to Chris the GM - "he gets calls like this 15 to 20 times a week". I told him that is not a very good track record for his service department if that is the case - Response: "I'm sorry you feel that way!" WOW!!! - Will NEVER go back there!

Dealer response

Sorry for your experience,if these vehicles were perfect we wouldn't need a service dept ,but unfortunately they are not and i wish there was a fix that would stay every time a vehicle comes in . I am sure the GM was referring to all depts not just service ,As running a dealership has many problems


Excellent sales experience

Hal Brown handled the whole finding buying financing by phone so all we had to do was fly up from Florida to pick it up. Ran him crazy but he got it done perfectly

Dealer response

Thank You John it was a pleasure dealing with you no matter how far .We look for to selling you the next car



Mark Lodzuk was incredibly patient, understanding, and supportive throughout the entire process of purchasing a new vehicle. This was my second Jeep from Anthony’s and Mark was able to offer the best deal around which made it easy for me to continue our relationship. Thank you!


Another great deal with Hal Brown and Mark Lodzuk

We have always shopped at Anthony D'Ambrosio, between my husband and I we have purchased 6 vehicles and now this makes 7. If you are looking for a new or used vehicle go see Mark Lodzuk, you will not be dissapointed. He is friendly, knowledgable and not pushy at all. Mark and Hal made the buying process smooth. We look forward to our next purchase soon.



Very polite and professional. Will be using this dealer to source parts in the future. All the staff was very easy to deal with. Thanks!