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(20 reviews)

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Bait and switch

I emailed them and they called me back stating the vehicle was available. When I got there they said it was "sold /picked yesterday" and they tried to offer me other lesser models they had available. I walked out.


$35K car ended up being $50K !! Total scam!!

The price you see online is not the price they offer at the dealership!! $4K mandatory powertrain warranty + $1K prep fee must be included in the sales price!! Plus 10% fee if you do not want to finance the vehicle!! A $35K car ended up being $50K !! Total scam!!


Complete trash

Nothing to say here - the price was 10k above listed and car wasn't there. Steve did say he isn't a scammer his boss is. Was assured by secretary that price listed was cash or finance. Close these people down the boiler room days are behind us.


Stay away.

You can’t trust the car fax for the vehicles at this dealership. I had to raise my voice to get the bumper to bumper warranty for 48 months or 48,000 miles. Oliver the finance manager said that they would throw in the tire diamond package as well and charged me $200 extra for it. He increased the price of the warranty from $4200 to $4800. The power train warranty that they offer for ten years is only an in house warranty. As I was signing the paperwork I noticed that he tried to switch the terms around on the paper work from 48 months to 36 months. Wish I had read these reviews before I took the two hour ride


Honest salesman

Had a great experience with Jorge Sanchez in sales. Very professional and honest , would recommend this dealership to everyone.I ended up buying a great car at a great price . There were no hidden fees . Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly.



Saw an amazing car online, decided to purchase in person, but they added $20,000+ of hidden fee to the total. Gave them the bird and left the dealership. Avoid at all cost!!!



They sold me a car as near brand new ended up taking my car to audi they told me mt car was in a accident they pay for the car to get fixed in cash to avoid anyrhing popping on car fax & when I confronted them they admitted and said nothing wrong with putting after market parts on youre car and spinning it off as new


Run Away

I was shopping for a preowned Porsche and South Shore was advertising on the internet a 2017 911 S Cabriolet $102,113. The carfax showed a moderate accident, but called 3 times anyway. I was sent a quote that included a line item for "Market Adjustment of $+9500.00 AND a line item for LoJack for $1495. Bait and Switch.



WARNING!!! DO NOT COME HERE!! Whatever the price you were told over the phone, or that you see yourselves a favor and add $12,000 to it. This is the dealer of hidden fees including BS "market adjustment" and mandatory "warranty"



This car dealer they are thief’s the most dishonest people ever. I saw a car online for $31,000 went to look at the car loved the car,so I divided to buy only to find out the car would not be ready for another week not only that the car for $31,000 become $51,000 these people are scammers and they lie a lot. The sales person told me the car had 1 owner, never had n accident but to my surprise the finance manager told me the car had 2 owners, plus it had a minor accident. Please look out for these dishonest car dealers I think the cars they sell are tampered with especially the mileage on these cars. Most dishonest dealer ever.