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(283 reviews)

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Online price not honored

Online price was not honored. Was informed by dealership, after test drive, that to get the online price you must trade-in a vehicle and finance the new vehicle through them. Neither of those requirements is disclosed here on or on the dealership's website. Price is $2,000 more if you don't meet their "requirements". Scammy, very poor experience.

Dealer response

Hello, thank you for leaving us feedback. We are disappointed to hear that your experience was not a positive one. Please contact us at (630) 984-4578 so we can work with you to make this right.


No thanks bill Kay

My 2011 Chevy Cruze was in excellent condition before I took it in to bill kay Chevy for an oil change. Two days after the oil change, my car smelled like it was on fire. I took it to Oil Depot in Lisle, and I was told that there was absolutely no oil in my car. It was bone dry and the check engine light was on. I took the car back to bill jay to have the work done, and they charged me $450 out of pocket, even though the repairs should have been covered by my warranty. After that, the check engine light came on again within a few days, took it back to bill Kay again and they charged me $750 out of pocket. The check engine light went on AGAIN, and I was told it might just be a computer glitch in my car. Well, I just had my emissions test, and I failed 7 codes. Not sure what it’s going to cost me just yet, but I know I can’t afford it. Did I mention bill Kay is supposedly a friend of my father’s? If that’s how bill Kay treats his friends, how do you think bill Kay will treat you? They even have the nerve to incessantly call me asking if I’d like to sell my car to them so they can turn around and flip it for more. Thanks bill Kay, but no thanks. I’d go just about anywhere before I let you take more of my money ✌


Terrible Financing Department and Process

Initiated a possible purchase on a specific low mileage Corvette (extremely overpriced at first). We agreed on a price and a trade in value that was fair. Had them do the finance dance and run my credit to purchase...went downhill from there. My FICO credit monitoring service lit up like a Christmas Tree with inquiries. One bank inquiries twice, for the same bank. I told them to stop immediately with the inquiries s the amount they had pinged should have found financing. Never had any troubles for the truck I was trading in or any other car, including Corvettes that I have bought. No communication after this point even though I was disturbed at work 5 times by them over all this. Fast forward to tomorrow, my FICO starts lighting up again after I had told them to stop making these illegal inquiries into my credit without my authorization. I immediately called for the Manager and had somebody call me back that ran the Corvettes and Classics realm of Kay Chevrolet. His response was ridiculous to the point of insulting..."ah, we don't really have any control over that and it's not our fault." So exactly who is in charge of my personal information and keeps running my credit to a crazy amount of inquiries? Needless to say they said I was approved at some ridiculous term that doesn't even fit my credit profile. I am now contemplating a lawsuit to have them remove the illegal inquiries into my credit after I told them to stop, and for not protecting my personal information since they had no control over it. I certainly wasn't singing my credit and petitioning all these banks, some multiple times. 1.) The Corvettes are way overpriced so negotiate hard. 2.) Very inflexible and unknowledgable finance staff with a serious lack of connections in the auto lending world. 3.) No internal process for running somebody's credit or protecting their personal information from an outside party engaging in this. I gave them permission to check my credit, not shotgun it to the entire financial establishment of the automotive world with stupid loan terms. Save yourself and look elsewhere for a collectible California, Florida, or Texas.

Dealer response

Hi, we appreciate your honest review. We set a high standard for ourselves, so we are disappointed to hear that your experience with us was not a positive one. We would like an opportunity to make this up to you. If you are willing, please reach out to us at (630) 984-4578 so we can work towards a resolution.


Shopping for a car

They don’t honor the price on the vehicles they have one price on the internet and when you get to the dealership they change everything

Dealer response

Hello, we appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please reach out to us directly at (630) 984-4578 when you have a chance. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Overall great experience

Conner was great. I knew exactly what I was looking for. No one was pushy. The whole process was good. They got me a good used car rate, hit the payments where they needed to be. I felt great leaving in My “new to me” Bighorn Ram.

Dealer response

We appreciate your positive review about your recent experience with us! Thank you so much again for your feedback! We hope you have a great day!


Best New Car Shopping Experience Ever

It has been 16 years since I purchased a car, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the experience at Bill Kay. Needless to say, cars have radically changed in the interim, but Bill Baresch clearly explained all the features so that I was comfortable taking a test drive. He patiently answered all the questions I had, and I am now the happy owner of a 2018 Malibu. Thanks Bill.

Dealer response

Congratulations on your new car! If you have any further questions, please give us a call. We're always happy to help!



I called, and emailed several times, and was not contacted for almost 4 days. This was just one experience, but might give them another try.

Dealer response

Hi, it is disappointing for us to hear that your experience was anything less than great. Our manager would really like to speak with you more regarding this matter. Please reach out to us at (630) 984-4578. We look forward to hearing from you.


Not good!

So I called to bring my car in on Saturday and they told me they could only do maintenance repairs nothing serious. There's something really wrong with my vehicle and they won't accept any major services on Saturday and told me to bring my car in during the week. It's difficult for me to bring my car in during the week because of work. I need and oil change, brakes done and I have a light coming on that says service traction. Car isn't running well and they want me to wait until the week. I don't think So! Time to look for a different place to bring my car in from now on.

Dealer response

Bradley, thank you for reaching out to us. We regret to hear about the situation you have described. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please reach out to us directly at (630) 984-4578 when you have a chance. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Get your best deal here!

Great place to buy a car! Salesmen are great! Service department is very helpful!

Dealer response

Hi Burns, Joseph C, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us at Bill Kay Chevrolet. We're happy we could meet your expectations! Thank you, Sherri Pedersen Bill Kay Chevrolet 630-968-2900


Excellent service!!

I was provided with excellent service and the sales department is very knowledgeable and professional, they are great at helping you find the right vehicle! Overall it was excellent service and a very pleasant experience!

Dealer response

Austin, we are so pleased you enjoyed your visit to Bill Kay Chevrolet! We look forward to your next visit! Take care!