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June 26, 1997

Cadillac Motor Car Division has two Seville models that meet the adage of something for everybody — in the luxury car field. Tabbed the SLS for Seville Luxury Sedan, and STS for Seville Touri... Read More
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December 1, 1994

After you slip the behind the wheel of the Acura NSX, settle into the firm leather bucket seat, fire up the engine and accelerate like a bullet, you wonder why this car isn’t the best-selling... Read More
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October 28, 1994

Mazda’s 1995 Protege brings the subcompact gene pool to its saturation point. Now we have stylish cab-forward designs in pint size (Chrysler’s Neon), smug little cars with dual air b... Read More
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September 16, 1994

I WAS DOING my O.J. thing, running 40 mph down the middle of an expressway in a Ford Bronco. But, unlike the Juice, I got no respect. All I got was honking horns and bumper riders, and frowning p... Read More
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September 8, 1994

I don’t like the looks of the Volvo 850 Sportswagon. Then again I can’t recall any Volvo – except the classic P1800 – whose looks I have liked. In fact, after testing Volv... Read More
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September 4, 1994

The instructions for the delivery service that was to drop off the 1994 Volvo 850 turbo sedan for a test drive were brief and to the point: Leave the car in the driveway, doors unlocked, key in t... Read More
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August 21, 1994

What a car. Makes you forget the German automaker ever foisted on the public the 190 series sedan-a tiny, cramped, underpowered, rough-riding imitation of a luxury sedan that remained virtually... Read More
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August 18, 1994

The big GMC Suburban just may be the most efficient method of moving people and cargo short of a Greyhound bus or a tractor-trailer rig. At more than 18 feet in length, the four-door Suburban is o... Read More
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August 11, 1994

When it comes to automobiles, images and perceptions don’t change easily. Despite such recent cars as the sporty, import-oriented Seville and Eldorado and the recently deceased Allante conve... Read More
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August 4, 1994

“Where’s the wing?” a co-worker jokingly shouted from across the Orlando Sentinel parking lot as I pulled into a parking space in this week’s test car, a gleaming white Toyo... Read More