Cadillac Seville

The Morning Call and Mcall.com's view

By Larry Printz on March 24, 2002

As a former Top 40 disc jockey as well as a classically trained pianist, music is as much a part of my test drives as the actual driving. So it goes without saying that my interest in testing ou... Read More
KansasCity.com's view

By Tom Strongman on May 3, 2001

The open road is the ideal place to discover the virtues of Cadillac's redesigned Seville Touring Sedan (STS), so it was with anticipation and excitement that I merged onto Interstate 10 at B... Read More
Our view: 2000 Cadillac Seville

By Al Haas on December 19, 1999

The current-generation Seville Touring Sedan exemplifies Cadillac's efforts to re-invent itself as an American luxury automaker with a more European flavor. That Old World seasoning is eviden... Read More
The Detroit News's view

By Anita And Paul Lienert on April 28, 1999

Like most couples, we don't see eye-to-eye on many things. And, like most couples, we usually can find some common ground or compromise that satisfies both of us. But not on the 1999 Cadillac... Read More
Our view: 1999 Cadillac Seville

By Al Haas on October 2, 1998

In happier times, Cadillac was a synonym for automotive excellence. Part of its top-shelf reputation derived from its constant technological innovation. The redesigned Seville marks Cadillac'... Read More
Los Angeles Times's view

By Paul Dean on June 26, 1998

Place the 1998 Cadillac Seville STS in a luxury lineup with its European and Asian peers, and the American sedan will blend and snuggle quite nicely. Such similarity bordering on anonymity is v... Read More
washingtonpost.com's view

By Warren Brown on April 17, 1998

I was riding on the wheels of a dream, the 1998 Cadillac Seville STS. It is a luxury car -- and much more. It is a fantasy, a motorized talisman, a car that seems to make everything okay. Unfortu... Read More
Detroit Newspapers's view

By Tony Swan on March 26, 1998

I've found a new foul-weather friend: the '98 Cadillac Seville STS.I suspect that this may not be quite the image that Cadillac wants to project. The marketing troops would like us to p... Read More
The Detroit News's view

By Anita And Paul Lienert on March 11, 1998

You know Cadillac Division is in trouble when you start to hear new spins on an old phrase. "It's the Camry of minivans," for example. But the company hopes to buff up its image with vehicles... Read More
AZCentral.com's view

By Bob Golfen on December 20, 1997

Subtle styling differences give revamped Cadillac Seville completely different look. The all-new Cadillac Seville is a car on a mission. Refined and improved, the Seville's revamping may be... Read More