Bmw 323 2000's view

October 15, 2000

Remember those little Beemers of the early-to-mid-’80s: They were petite boxes on wheels that became a status symbol for those just on the cusp of making it in the halcyon days of Reaganomics... Read More's view

August 6, 2000

There is a common sense to the 2000 BMW 323i Sport Wagon that escapes the American mind. We traditionally think of wagons as big, just as we do pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles. We’... Read More's view

July 8, 2000

Following its established practice, BMW first introduced its new 3-Series sedan, the top seller, followed by the coupe, and now, finally, the convertible. I’m here to tell you, sun-worshipper... Read More's view

December 10, 1999

BMWs are for folks who love to drive. Not only do they sit firmly on the road and knife through corners with the precision of plastic surgeon performing a face lift but their engines speak to yo... Read More's view

July 25, 1999

It looks like a BMW. It handles like a BMW. And it performs like a BMW. Ergo, it must be a BMW. But wait, it isn’t priced like a BMW — this vehicle sells for $26,400 MSRP. Say hello t... Read More