Bmw M6 Gran Coupe

2014-2019 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: Recall Alert

By Patrick Masterson on March 3, 2020

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 2,700 model-year 2014-19 BMW M6 Gran Coupe cars The Problem: The third brake light may become loose and allow the light to detach from the car, no longer providing ... Read More
Recall Alert: 2015 BMW M5 and M6 Coupe, Convertible, Gran Coupe

By Matt Schmitz on August 16, 2016

CARS.COM Vehicles Affected: Approximately 1,000 model-year 2015 BMW M5 luxury sedans manufactured between Sept. 4 and Dec. 4, 2014; M6 coupes manufactured between Sept. 3 and Dec. 3, 2014; M6 con... Read More