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Chevrolet Malibu

Orlando Sentinel's view

By Richard Truett on May 8, 1997

The Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique and Chrysler Cirrus/Dodge Stratus were supposed to be the cars that stopped the imports dead in their tracks. That never happened. Although this quartet from Fo... Read More's view

By Bob Golfen on March 8, 1997

Chevrolet Malibu is one of the primo U.S. automobile names from the '60s, conjuring visions of sun-swept beaches and top-down cruising. The upmarket version of the Chevelle, the Malibu was t... Read More
The Morning Call and's view

By Larry Printz on March 1, 1997

When it comes to mid-size sedans, the competition for customers is fierce. There are plenty of great choices here: Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique, Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable, Chrysler Cirrus/Dodg... Read More
Our view: 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

By Al Haas on February 28, 1997

Chevrolet expects the all-new Malibu to be its top-selling family sedan. And after a week of tooling around in this roomy, refined and affordable replacement for the geriatric Corsica, one can und... Read More
Los Angeles Times's view

By Paul Dean on February 14, 1997

The 1997 Chevrolet Malibu has been named Motor Trend magazine's car of the year. Frankly, it's not that good. The same sedan was dissed by USA Today for failing to live up to the be... Read More
The Detroit News's view

By Anita And Paul Lienert on February 5, 1997

The 1997 Chevrolet Malibu is the most shocking car of the year. The Malibu doesn't promise to get you dates, boost your self-esteem or help you regain your long-lost youth. It does promise to... Read More's view

By Tom Strongman on January 31, 1997

Malibu, long a revered Chevy name, is back and on a car that takes on competitors such as the Toyota Camry, Dodge Stratus and Honda Accord in one of the hottest-fought segments of the market. T... Read More
Detroit Newspapers's view

By Tony Swan on January 23, 1997

What do you want from a midsize sedan? A little style and dash? A modicum of excitement to make the daily commute a little less dreary? Or will basics like all-around competence, room for a family... Read More's view

By Warren Brown on January 3, 1997

The car was bright white with a "medium neutral" interior. "Medium neutral" is one of those 1990s colors, a hue between pale tan and pastel gray, the color of weakness. The color was inappropriat... Read More's view

By Jim Mateja on December 29, 1996

Old name on a new car, but a new car that humbles its predecessor by just about any yardstick used for comparison. Chevrolet Malibu. That name was last used in 1983 on a midsize sedan that, ... Read More