Ford Escort 1997

The Miami Herald's view

By Terry Jackson on June 26, 1997

My first stint behind the wheel of a Ford Escort was not pleasant. It was 1983 or thereabouts, several years before I became an automotive writer, and the Escort in question was a Hertz rental in ... Read More
Our view: 1997 Ford Escort

By Al Haas on May 16, 1997

In the car business, Z's seldom have much to do with sleeping. I don't remember ever nodding off at the wheel of a 300-horsepower Nissan 300ZX Turbo. Nor do I recall feeling drowsy while... Read More
KansasCity.com's view

By Tom Strongman on April 4, 1997

We drove Ford's Escort ZX2 to the depths of Badwater, 282 feet below sea level, to appreciate how high Ford has set the bar for its newest sport coupe. The entry-level model begins at $12,995... Read More
Detroit Newspapers's view

By Tony Swan on April 3, 1997

A pretty face may or may not have launched a thousand ships, but it'll sure 'nuff sell a bunch of cars. That's an ancient and well-documented fact of the car biz. And that's ju... Read More
IndyStar.com's view

By George Moore on February 16, 1997

With virtually everything new except the name, the 1997 Ford Escort carries the flag of the Ford Motor Co. this year as a lot more car for about the same money.The Escort is Ford's entry-mark... Read More
washingtonpost.com's view

By Warren Brown on November 15, 1996

I was surprised. The car was a Ford Escort. I ordered it to test drive as a matter of duty, not desire. Some readers had been demanding more reviews of affordable cars. I wanted to show them that... Read More
AZCentral.com's view

By Bob Golfen on October 19, 1996

Station wagons are a dying breed, no doubt about it, hustled off to an early grave by minivans and sports-utility vehicles. Still, in the world of small cars, the station-wagon configuration make... Read More
The Morning Call and Mcall.com's view

By Larry Printz on August 3, 1996

Some cars are known for their fine looks, others for their exceptional road manners. But the Ford Escort? Not exactly a lustmobile, this one's bought for its price. If you think its easy de... Read More
Orlando Sentinel's view

By Richard Truett on June 27, 1996

Car buyers today have high expectations. Even inexpensive economy cars can't be cheaply made, lack features or have dull styling. If a car is afflicted with any of those deficiencies, it won&... Read More
Los Angeles Times's view

By Paul Dean on June 21, 1996

We'd forgotten how such gentle marketing words as "simple," "practical," "inexpensive" and "sensible" also translate to the harsher realities of zero frills and naked essentials. Or of bas... Read More