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Honda Civic Si 2019

2019-2020 Honda Civic: Everything You Need to Know

By Fred Meier on November 4, 2019

While the Honda Civic is best known for its ubiquitous sedan version, the compact car comes in enough flavors to be more accurately called a line of vehicles, including sedan, coupe and hatchback m... Read More
2020 Civic Si Pays Gas Mileage Penalty for Quicker Acceleration

By Brian Normile on August 23, 2019

Better acceleration means decreased fuel economy for the 2020 Civic SI coupe and sedan. Read More
Honda Civic Si Updates Keep Rolling Into 2020

By Jennifer Geiger on August 21, 2019

After model-year 2019 enhancements, the Honda Civic’s sport-oriented Si coupe and sedan are back for 2020 with more styling and safety upgrades. Read More