Plymouth Neon 2000

The Morning Call and's view

May 30, 1999

When the Neon first said “Hi” a few years ago, it said so with round headlamps that gave the car a high rating in the cute department. Credit Allentown’s own Lee Iacocca with that... Read More
The Detroit News's view

April 21, 1999

People aren’t buying subcompact cars like they used to – and that’s a shame, especially when you consider the super value of the 2000 Dodge and Plymouth Neon. We test-drove a Ply... Read More's view

March 14, 1999

Say goodbye to “Hi!,” the one-word slogan that launched the Dodge/Plymouth Neon in January 1994. It was a cutesy marketing campaign, meant to attract young buyers to what was then Chry... Read More
Los Angeles Times's view

February 25, 1999

After five model years, after the spark and glow and applause for the Dodge-Plymouth Neon had dulled, critics spoke their second thoughts. It was a humbling drumfire of free speech and crucifixion ... Read More