Scion Xb 2004

The Morning Call and Mcall.com's view

By Larry Printz on March 7, 2004

After spending a week in the overpriced, harsh-riding Scion xA, the Scion xB seems like a better deal. For about the same money or a little more, the Scion xB buyer gets a model that has been run... Read More
Our view: 2004 Scion xB

By Jason Stein on December 21, 2003

So maybe it truly is hip to be square. Maybe it's cool to think inside the box. And maybe the 2004 Toyota Scion is the ultimate snub to the mainstream car companies, the mainstream press and... Read More
TheMercuryNews.com's view

By Matt Nauman on June 6, 2003

Young drivers didn't much notice the 2004 Scion xB in San Francisco on March 20. It's not that the xB, a small, square, low-to-the-ground sedan isn't good looking. Well, it isn&apo... Read More