Toyota 4runner

Winter Is Coming: 7 Great Cars for Snow Driving

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Toyota Expands Fuel Pump Recall to 3.3 Million Vehicles

By Patrick Masterson on October 29, 2020

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Best Used Cars for Car Seats

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10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: Toyota RAV4 Prime Runs Over 4Runner

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Toyota 4Runner: Which Should You Buy, 2020 or 2021?

By Brian Normile on July 30, 2020

Toyota’s 4Runner SUV, one of the few remaining body-on-frame SUVs, enters 2021 with modest updates, including standard LED headlights. Read More
10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: 4Runner, Frontier Excel Off-Road But Can’t Climb to Top

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2020 Toyota 4Runner: 5 Pros and 4 Cons

By Lauren Leazenby on April 17, 2020

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Need to Buy a Car During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak? Read This Before You Do

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Top 5 Reviews and Videos of the Week: 2020 Audi Q7, S4 Can’t Catch Corvette

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