Toyota Camry 2007

2007-2013 Toyota Oil Issue

By Tom Torbjornsen on September 9, 2016

CARS.COM The problem: In certain Toyota cars and SUVs, the engine may consume excessive oil due to faulty pistons and piston rings. Vehicles affected by service bulletin: 2007 Toyota Camr... Read More
Recall Alert: 8,000 Toyota Hybrids, Minivans, Pickup Trucks, Sedans, SUVs, Wagons

By Tom Torbjornsen on June 13, 2016

CARS.COM Vehicles Affected: Approximately 8,000 model-year 2005-11 Toyota 4Runner, Highlander and Sequoia SUVs and Sienna minivans; 2005-10 Avalon sedans and Tundra pickup trucks; 2006-08 Ca... Read More
Orlando Sentinel's view

By Steven Cole Smith on February 17, 2007

Track record: Sedan is a lesson in a smooth ride, spiked with bravado If you're looking for similarities between the 2007 Toyota Camry and the Toyota Camrys that will compete Sunday at the Day... Read More
The Sacramento Bee's view

By Mark Glover on September 8, 2006

It's not hard to figure out the huge sales success of the Toyota Camry.It has long been a loaded car offering something for seemingly everybody. And with the extensively reworked 2007 Camry, t... Read More
chicagotribune.com's view

By Jim Mateja on July 23, 2006

The magic number is 16.It's the reason the 2007 Toyota Camry now in showrooms comes in gas/electric form.That's how many more miles per gallon the hybrid delivers than the gasoline-only C... Read More
Star-Telegram.com's view

By G. Chambers Williams III on June 28, 2006

There's no oddball styling that pronounces to the world that it's a "green" car, just a small badge on each front fender that says "Hybrid" and a smaller badge on the right side of the re... Read More
Orlando Sentinel's view

By Steven Cole Smith on June 8, 2006

Clearly, all the talk about the Camry has hurt the feelings of someone at Toyota.Not all the talk from the general public, mind you, because consumers have bought enough Camrys to make it the best-... Read More
Boston.com's view

By Royal Ford on April 16, 2006

Lawrence Peter Berra of the New York Yankees took a broader approach to life's possible paths than did Robert Lee Frost of the New England Yankees.While Robert, the poet, lamented a road never... Read More
Our view: 2007 Toyota Camry

By Joe Wiesenfelder on April 4, 2006

A new 2007 Camry has begun to arrive at dealerships with reworked exterior styling, upgraded drivetrains and other refinements. The trim levels, in ascending value, are CE, LE, sporty SE and prem... Read More
Star-Telegram.com's view

By G. Chambers Williams III on March 29, 2006

America's best-selling car for eight of the past nine years has been completely redesigned for 2007, and the new models have begun showing up at dealerships.With the redesign, Toyota is hoping... Read More