2018 Acura MDX consumer reviews

$44,200–$46,200 MSRP range
side view of 2018 MDX Acura
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Lost me as a customer.

Purchased a2018 MDX Hybrid. Pros: great performance, reliability, easy maintenance Con: poor infotainment selection/controls, overall layout..,no spar or donut, replaced w/inflation kit. My 3rd MDX. No more Acuras..


Most comfortable car I have so far

This MDX has very comfortable drive. Quiet, stable and gorgeous sound system which is my favorite. The MPG is a little bit high in local but free way is about 26 mpg, considering this is 7 seats and V6 car, it is not bad at all. Love it!


Enjoying the mdx

So far so good our 1st Acura Hope it last longer than our last car! Wish had leather dash Absolutely love the comfort in the interior


vehicle is nice. 1st gear to 2nd is not smooth.

Good design. comfortable, reliability : will see. Very slow 1st gear and does not have smooth transition into second gear but then transitions ok. My biggest and only complaint. very slow 1st gear.



This car is very smooth in driving and all instrumentation is very easy to navigate, all seats are very comfortable and lots of trunk space a true family van


Test run around the world

Doesn’t remind me of the ol 66 Chevy pickup rode like a mule and would kick like one also had the rust Petipa which took me back to the sheet off the bed which allowed me rest easier at nite


Had the MDX for a week, think it was a good choice

This car is what we were looking for; it has the right combination of size, comfort, styling and fuel efficiency. Pricing for a used vehicle was good.


An Excellent Car

I had previously owned a 2005 MDX with over 192,000 miles so I was familiar with the vehicle. For the money, I think that it's one of the best 3-row luxury SUV's on the market. The Apple CarPlay is a great feature. I highly recommend.


If the dealer called as much as your website wow

So ill give my review as I did on google however ill give some things the dealer needs to work on first. I still give them an A, but there is a little work needed. 1: if you call the rep to find out where your warranty paperwork is, the rep should call back within 24 hours, im still waiting on a call back 3 weeks later. 2: transparency with the payoff of an old vehicle, I shouldnt have to pay late fees because the check was late going out, after I was told to stop paying. 3: the follow up is terrible, it takes 2 minutes to call a customer "hey how is the car working out for you, do you have any questions, do you know of anyone looking for a new car I could take care of like I did for you 4: sales manager should be checking in with the customer (even as above) to check that the sales rep is being honest and that the customer is truly happy (this can save a bad sale and put the icing on the cake for a good one 5: Adrian is a great sales rep, with the right mentor you have a solid leadership trainee waiting to learn, develop the kid, before someone steals him. So this review should be from the day after thanksgiving, not today, I had spent most of my Thanksgiving looking at replacement vehicles (I just had 2 massive spinal surgeries in the last 12 months, one from 12/18/19 and one from 10/11/20, I had been an Acura owner over and over for 14 years, I bought 6 Acura's total, 2 TLX's and 4 MDX's, I love the cars, I switched in 2019 to Toyota, this place has earned my respect and my business. I have looked at the website so many times my eyes crossed, colors, specs, condition, cost, after market packages, and then the part that nobody wants to deal with......... The salesman........... normally id happily watch seal team 6 waterboard and torture the rep just to get a fair price, but Adrian just wanted a fair deal all around and to make a sale, I could have happily driven every car on the lot and he would have kept going, very polite/eager/ambitious young man. As a seasoned sales rep myself of 25 years I spotted the potential in Adrian very quickly, he uses the Sandler method in most cases, but he listens and if he doesn't know he doesn't try to BS hi way through it, he goes and gets a legit answer. As a heavily disabled veteran I was in a great deal of pain, he understood very quickly why I needed to switch out vehicles, and also. There were some service related issues, a couple repairs that needed done, those were fixed promptly, a couple of scratches that happened during the refinishing process (paint and interior protection) and a scuff on a couple of rims that were repaired also, they did an amazing job in doing. Chris in service is extremely customer oriented and knowledgeable, ill be adding Acura aftermarket parts as time goes on and will be referring people to their service team. Chris has a lot of responsibility but is happy to stop and answer a question or offer advice, and he’s quick to return a phone call too. There’s a couple of minor discrepancies between the certification checklist and the car itself that I need to get answers on. Most dealerships have a process they all follow, you meet with the sales rep (who normally has an IQ low enough to be a door greater at Wal-Mart), they fill out paperwork better known as a social profile about you (which they intend on selling to marketing company. This was done to me at McGrath, the salesman wanted me to fill out a form with all of my extensions and user names for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and run a credit report (despite it being a transaction) before allowing me to test drive a car, when they realized I wasn’t the average person/customer. Acura’s are in essence luxury Hondas, three trim levels on each car to choose rom, Base/Technology and Advanced, the newer models 18+ you’ll notice i significant difference in power compared to older models (partly to emissions laws, and also power to weight ratio and gear timing My first MDX I put 220000 miles on it, ZERO major repairs just routine maintenance and rust proofing (I recommend this on all Japanese cars due to the significant difference in how they treat their roads with chemicals to deal with snow. Getting older and having major medical issues I purchased the prepaid maintenance and got the certified pre-owned which extends the warranty out, while the warranties are not worth it to some, ive come to learn over time with inflation that the tie rod that. This is my 6th Acura, 4th MDX and I had 2 TLX’s


Most beautiful car I owned

I Absolutely love my Acura MDX it is such a beautiful and comfortable car it is such an eyecatcher, it rides like a dream. I would definitely recommend this car to a friend.