2018 Acura RLX consumer reviews

$54,900 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 RLX Acura
77% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 5.0
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.6
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Acura Legend for the win!!

I have only had the car for one month but it’s an absolute dream to drive, completely understand why it did not sell well at $60K but on 5he used market it’s a great value. I understand all the fuss about dated technology but it’s funny how Acura was one of the first to offer dual screens and everybody cried about it and now a lot of newer luxury cars are offering it ( Looking at you Audi)


Comfortable and reliable.

This replaced Hyundai Equus, which did not handle well. RLX is a great improvement. It handles better, is faster and gets better mileage. I'm also more comfortable with Honda reliability and the additional safety equipment the car is equipped with.


Too few features for a high price.

Features were lacking. No way to increase the volume of the warning notifications. I traded for a 2020 model (another brand) and got all the missing features with almost $20,000.00 lower price.


Smooth and comfortable ride for a great price.

Have it for a few weeks and loving it after moving from German cars. Great looks on the outside, and very roomy inside (I'm rather tall.) I understand why they didn't sell well, no one wanted to spend $60k on an Acura.Bought it at 5,000 miles. For the price I couldn't find another similar sized sedan with less than 30k miles and warranty expiring next year. Still have 95,000 left on the drive train warranty. Responsive when needed and enough power for me. Infotainment system could get an update but already getting used to it. Loaded with more features than I need and with everything said, can't deny the reliability.


Comfy Cushy But Jerky Ride

I’ve driven all kinds and types of cars, but this one has an amazing and comfy/cushy ride. It’s like how the Cadillacs and Lincolns used to be. Love the front end style. The back end is pretty “eh” because it looks boring. The back lights look really nice at night which kind of makes up for the daytime view. When I test drove my car before buying, I noticed a “jerking” or hesitation. Not horrible or overly noticeable, but still there. I thought maybe it was from old gas being in the tank or from sitting a bit in the lot. That jerking has never gone away. It is most noticeable between 30-33mph and 40-43mph. It seems like the car is teetering between gears. Am I not expected to be able to drive at those speeds? It is when trying to maintain speed (no acceleration or deceleration). One dealt service dept acknowledged a known problem but said that’s just how it is with the transmission. Other Svc depts have said they’ve never heard of issues. I recently saw that there’s a TSB for the hybrid models. I have the Tech pkg RLX. The nav and technology is lacking, but think the ride is worth the trade off. I can mostly overlook the jerking of the transmission, but could not recommend it to a friend because I would feel terrible if theirs did the sane thing. I had an RLX hybrid as a loaner car and it seemed to have the same issue hence the TSB. The car could use some cup holders in the bottom of the doors and an update to the Nav. I also had to have a PAWS actuator replaced at about 16k miles. That took a little running around and being pushy with the service depot to fix it. All the driver assist and PAWS warning lights came on and the car was only allowed to go 50mph. Pretty annoying and scary for the highway. It was finally fixed after the third visit to dealer. I was worried that I’d be stuck with a car that would limit itself to 50 mph whenever it wanted and I could get stuck out of town. I was not impressed with that reliability issue. I had videos of the problem occurring AND took it to the dealership with all the lights on. At this point I’m not sure I want another Acura. Speaking of which, I’ve owned and leased a bunch of different brands and luxury brands. This was my first Acura/Honda. I expected better treatment from this luxury brand, especially with having their flagship model.


Great Car

This is my third RLX, love the car. Would recommend it to anyone. Don Paul as always did a great job in getting me the right car and deal I wanted.


Very nice car!

This is a very nice car! I owned a 2015 TLX prior to this and while the RLX is not as sporty as the TLX it is much more luxurious. Extremely comfortable, responsive and roomy.


Got the new 2019 RLX

So far, it is not only a beautiful car, but, absolutely drives and rides like a dream. It has everything anyone could ask for! Love it!


Still very new, but love it so far!

I just LIKE this car. I like the looks and the interior. Performance is fine for what I need. It has more than enough technology which is easy to learn and effective. A couple of things I miss are automatic trunk closer and heated steering wheel, but those are not consequential. Overall, a refined, luxurious car for its size and price.