2001 Audi A4 consumer reviews

$24,540 starting MSRP
side view of 2001 A4 Audi
70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 3.8
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 3.8
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Strong German build

This car will go past your expectations. It may be a AWD 4 cyclinder but it?s very powerful, very reliable, gas efficient, and very satisfying.


Best car I?ve owned

Love this car great gas mileage. Never got stuck in the snow. Cheap to fix if something ever did break. Over all I?d recommend this car to anyone.


It has been very reliable and handles very well

I like the car a lot as I said it handles real well it?s quick and very reliable for the time I?ve had it. The one thing I didn?t like is the comfort was horrible and the no electric seats was weird.


Most reliable car I have owned

Love this car would keep it if I could it is a 5 speed manual black exterior grey interior turbo good clutch just need a little TLC for the next owner.


Unbeatable For the Price

I own the 2.8 quattro (automatic) variant of the a4. The car is very reliable, but he warned, VW and Audi have timing belt issues. I purchased this car for under $3,000 and have been driving it over a year with 150k miles and no extreme repairs. The car gets more than enough speed that I need and its also concisered a compact car, so its great for city life. The AWD system also makes easy work of poor weather conditions like snow or heavy rain. There are also a number of luxuray features within the '01 headed seats, powered windows, a noce anti-theft system, a Bose sound system, 8 airbags, rear fog lights, a small compartment in the back seat for a med kit, great A/C system and comfortable seatigg foor 5. All in all its a great get up and go car for the low price its usually found at, just be sure you are able to work on it if something goes wrong because Mechanics love audis. Theres also a nice community for the B5 audis.


Loved this car!

My ex bf bought this car for me to have a safe yet fun car to drive. Absolutely loved it. The sounds system rocked. It took turns like a dream. The lights were bright enough to see clear in the worst weather. It was comfortable at any speed and distance. I was super upset when he sold it out from under me before we broke up.


Love the car, but can get costly

I've owned 2 over 15 yrs each. 1) 1.8T, Advant wagon, Quattro, Tiptronic 2) 1.8T, 4dr, Quattro, 5sp manual I think the lines on this generation (B5) are superb: proportions, fender contours, headlights, sedan AND wagon versions, great layout and packaging. The 1.8T was a good engine, but suffers from being too complicated. The amount of air/vacuum line plumbing and related plastic hardware under hood is more than most I've seen. And after ~100k, all the stuff gets brittle and leaks - and needs replacement. If you find one that's been gone thru (new hardware, new silicon vacuum lines, etc,), then it might be ok. Audi had learned sooo very much from the 1.8Ts, that the later 2.0Ts are a magnitude better. If you want this B5 generation, go for the slower 2.8 engine. If you want turbo power, go for a later 2.0T.


LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!



Reliable Audi

I have used the Audi as my commuter car for years. The car starts up every day and performs the same every day: perfectly. It is a great ride, and Audi has created a well designed interior. Granted the Audi requires maintenance and repairs, however, frequency of repairs or maintenance is no different than other cars I've owned. I must say the cost of repairs is a bit higher, but not much higher than most cars. The owner will need to shop for a mechanic who is knowledgeably of the Audi, yet does not over price the repairs. When I have gotten a repair done, the range of price is substantial. The owner of the Audi must be willing to maintain this car regularly. Comfortable, reliable, attractive, and sporty. I would definitely recommend to a friend.


Experienced users only

I purchased the car used with 135K mile. It has a V6 engine which provides good pickup in a small car with AWD. Stayed away from high miles turbo 4s. I have an A6 for 10 years with 180K on it, so I've had some practice dealing with Audi issues. First lesson is to find someone who knows Audi's to work on the car aside from the dealer, then the repair costs will only be high instead of very high. Then head off some of the more common maintenance issues, which will avoid really expensive issues. After a tune up, new wires, full coolant system redo because someone mixed coolants, timing belt, new rear bearings, new tires and transmission service it runs like s Swiss watch. Not sure of the suspension status yet, but rides and handles well at this point. No rust! I expect another 100k out of it at which point I'll probably be $10K all in on purchase and maintenance items. Not a bad deal, while driving a nice car during a Northeast winter.