2017 BMW X5 consumer reviews

$56,600 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 X5 BMW
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Bought the X5M but X5 is good alternative

If I could do it again, I would get the X5 and this model over the X5M. Don't get me wrong it is a beast and I can afford the gas, I just don't need that much muscle under the hood. The performance is average, compared to sports SUV but you will not get killed at the gas pump. If you live in So Cal, Arco costs $4 for 91. The X5am will get you 14 to 19 MPG but even with that you get close to 2o on the highway and that bad boy can fly. Comparing it to similar cars in its class Mercedes GLE , Porsche Cheyanne, Lexus or Cadillac Xt5, I prefer the BMW. Forget about comparing this to a Toyota highlander, 4 runner, Honda Pilot or Ford Explorer. Caveat, for you ladies who like the door assist for your groceries, the X5 does not offer that feature that automatically closes it for you. Other models do so that is something to consider. Also Iove how my model has AWD. My dad has the bigger engine and AWD and that gets 17-24 mpg, I recommend I believe it is the X50 or 555 model, double check but it has the bigger engine and was, very convenient especially if you like to go to the mountains. This SUV is not meant for towing so if you want that get a Lincoln Navigator. If you want a good mid sized suv which looks like an suv and w ok not kilkbyoy on gas, get the X5 and this model, if you don't need AWD.


Love it....So far no complaints.

Great car with all the bells and whistles. The style and luxury ride is worth the price. BMW thought of everything in this car to include the charging port for cell phone.


Great car!

Awesome package. Lonnie, Max, And Alan were extremely helpful and patient. Very Caring. Took time to make sure I understood my options. It was late in evening when I arrived but they were so dedicated despite time of day.


One of the best SUVs in the market

This SUV is best in the market, when you compare it to a Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, or others, there is no comparison it wins hands down. Sporty performance while transporting the family!


Very comfortable

Has all the options imaginable. Great comfort and space and ride! Love the heads up display, sound system, lighting, seating, automatic tailgate lift, heated and cooled seats, etc.


Great quality of the car.

This car met all my needs, I really liked quality of the car and so far didn't have any problems. Salon of the car is very comfortable, enjoy driving it and doesn't make any noise. As I said perfect quality. Absolutely recommend.


Love it

This is a beautiful car, drove amazingly! I would definitely recommend. It was big enough for my family. It fit all my needs that I am looking for in a car


I test drove it and I knew I had to buy it

I have owned this car for 2 years now and I have driven it for 25,000 miles. I am overall pleased with the car. In fact, I test drove it by chance, more out of curiosity than anything else, and I was immediately won over and decided to buy it after trying a shortlist of about other 10-12 SUVs. Is it perfect? No, but it is not half bad either. FUEL ECONOMY. I have the 6-cylinder, 4 wheel drive model. I drive about 30% city and 70% hwy. From LA to SF I have achieved 25.6 mpg on all hwy by exploiting the coasting ability of this heavy vehicle. Overall, at 25,000 miles, my average is at 22.2 mpg. Pure city driving is painful and I do not think one can achieve more than 16 mpg. Definitely not more than 17mpg. The tank is large and the range is excellent at over 500 miles of pure freeway/highway. I do not drive slow. In fact, I have taken it to over 100mph and I like to drive it in sport mode on the local canyon roads as well. However, I do not accelerate and brake all the time. COST OF MAINTENANCE SO FAR. So far $0 as it is still under warranty. Brakes... at 25k miles, according to the computer, I have still 18k miles left on the front brakes and 28k miles left on the rear brakes. So, you do the numbers. Tires, I am afraid that the Pirelli run flat tires it came with will probably not last for more than 40-45k miles. That I am disappointed. I was hoping for at least 60k miles, frankly. In 2 years I have never burned rubber as, frankly, I could not care less. 2 oil changes (free). According to BMW my driving is much better than average and the computer asks me to change the oil every 11.5k miles instead of the more typical 10k miles. COMFORT and RIDE. I do not like the standard seats one bit. Ugly and uncomfortable. I immediately went for the luxury seats which allow for seat extension and multiple contour controls. BMW should be ashamed to sell a car in that price range with those cheap standard seats. That cost me an additional $2k, but I have not regretted it, not even for 1 second. The ride is comfortable, but on bumps the car is not very pleasant, not at all. My old Honda CR-V is way more comfortable going over bumps and I can even take the bumps at higher speeds than with my X5. Noise insulation is excellent though. Not like a $100k+ car, but excellent. The Jaguar F-Pace, for a comparison was 2x noisier than the X5 when I test drove it. Beautiful car, but too noisy, frankly. Passenger seats excellent and so are the back seats. Sometimes when I need to work on my computer in between meetings I seat there and it is very comfortable (I am 6'2"- 240). Cargo space is not huge, but more than adequate for me. Third row of seats is of no use to me and so I cannot comment on that. ISSUES. Nothing mechanical or electrical, thankfully. During the first year, on several occasions, we experienced an extremely unpleasant smell coming through the A/C or ventilation system. In a few occasion it was so bad that we had to open the window. I am not dreaming it as my wife and, in one occasion even a passenger in the back seat, reported it. I felt ashamed to have a passenger experiencing that. It was bordering the nasty. Of course, when I reported to BMW, they had no idea, but other people I know with the same or different BMW models reported a similar issue. Is it condensation during the hot days of Summer? We do not know although we experience it mostly in the hot days. Another issue is with the stop and go. No complaining about the feature, but when starting uphill, even slightly, often the car produces a short cranking noise. Never happens on flats or downhill, though. BIGGEST SURPRISE. It is not a cheap car to use, but I was surprised by the cost of the license plate sticker which, in California, comes to almost $600/year. Insurance was also a surprise, although I was kind of prepared for it. I carry a good amount of insurance but, even with a clean driving record, I am shelling out around $2,400/year. When I compare it to my Honda CR-V, the only huge difference is the collision entry. AAA told me that X5 are very expensive to fix and therefore the high price. FUN FACTOR. I will not deny that it is a fun car to drive. Besides, I had to buy it after test driving it for 1 week (car rental). However, the 0-60 in 6 seconds is nothing to brag about. With the bigger engine it would be a different thing, but that model has many more issues and fuel economy is horrendous. In sport mode it is quite a bit of fun!


BMW Quality, Everywhere, in this Diesel

Bought as a "new" dealer loaner with 0% BMW financing, May 2018, trading 2015 X3 with 60K. 26 mpg commuting 50 miles each workday, 30-32 mpg on the road for this large SAV. Rock solid, tight and SO quiet. M Sport package makes for a classy interior and exterior. Ride is a bit stiff, but if you enjoy driving, BMW is the brand. Hope to drive until similar-size BMW electric with range and self-navigation comes along.


Awesome X5 - We bought a new one!

Drives like a dream and you feel very safe inside-solid vehicle. Great SUV for trips or driving around town and it's easy to park and decent on gas. Lots of room, love the third row seat which folds down to make even more space. The pano roof is really nice on a warm summer evening. Has an auto sun shade for when it gets too warm which is another nice feature on the giant sun roof. Heated seats are really excellent in the X5! Nice complement to the heated steering wheel too. Awesome BMW sound system. Just had it detailed. We leased a new one which is why we are selling this one. Purchased new in Rockville, MD.