2010 Cadillac SRX consumer reviews

$33,830 starting MSRP
side view of 2010 SRX Cadillac
74% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.0
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Love this car!

We test-drove several cars in the class, but loved the styling of the SRX. After test-driving several cross-overs, we chose the SRX after comparing fuel economy, interior/exterior styling, and flexibility of option packages. My favorite car over all I've owned!


looks better then it rides

Under powered engine sounds like a lawn mower. Seats were better in the 07 that I owned Like the sun roof but glass should have been tinted you can rost a chicken in the sun.


Worth Looking at

I've owned this crossover for about 2-1/2 months and driven it 3000 miles. It's the 3.0 liter FWD Luxury model. As advertised I get 18 mpg in the city and about 25 mpg on the highway. I haven't had any problems. Something to get use to is the additional shifting of a 6 speed auto transmission and the electric emergency brake. There are too many great options on the car to discuss here. I got the car for $1800 off sticker. Overall we love this vehicle.


Beats the RX350.

No comparison from the RX350. The SRX is such a pleasing car. I love the subtle details on the inside, and then the outside has such a dramatic "LOOK AT ME!" Exterior. Not dull, and average than the Lexus. Driving it is great! Reviewers complain of the lack of power, but if it had more power then they would complain of the fuel economy. So pick one. Love the car.


Very Pleased

Got a great deal on a luxury package with rear-dvd and navigation. Comparable makes/models would have cost me at least $3-4k more. Pleased with everything so far (only had it 3 months). My only minor complaints are the lack of power accelerating from a stop and the seats (I like a little bit more of the seats to come around my sides.)


My experience!!!

I elected to drive a new SRX for a month while my car was being delivered due to my move. I have always loved Cadillacs since childhood but I do have to say the new SRX has some downfalls everyone should just be aware of. The first problem I found was the horrible blind spots from the large boxy framing around the back window and the tiny back side windows. The large sideview mirrors and the rearview mirror did little to help this problem. Most of the time changing lanes and backing up I just had to cross my fingers and hope that the Parking assist would protect people or othter cars. While fueling the car I also found it not so comfortable that I had to hold the fueling nozzle up from the back since if you just let it rest in the tank while fueling it would constantly shut off, this caused my arm to fall asleep many times while refueling. The next issue came from passengers in the back seat. The air conditioning vents in the back did little to cool them and the ones in the front I found a little awkward to use comfortably. With the sound system I found a couple of dislikes as well. The first one is that I wish it was just as convenient to us my iphone and not just an ipod with the stereo, this did not work well and the second issue is even though the Bose speakers were great I think the overall sound of the system fell short. On another note the car did have great power but I found that you really had to push the peddle to get a response. I like my accelerators a little less stiff. With all that being said I do have some positive notes. I really enjoyed the comfort of the seats and the soft ride. The keyless entry, autostart, remote open windows and memory seats were great. I like the ease of the rain sensor wipers and loved the bluetooth options for the stereo and phone. The automatic rear gate was very convenient as well but my all time favorite feature I would have to say was the panoramic sun/moon roof with shade, a great touch!!!!



Brand new I bought the luxury AWD version. Driving this car is magnificent. Do not listen to any review that say this car doesn't have the pick up you need for everyday driving. This car is not slow and if you want more speed, through the shift handle to the left in the sports mode. Maybe for young kids who want a Corvette it may see slow but it has all the power you need for everything else. Plus the ride comfort is nice and soft compared to many SUV's out their as well as great handling. On the hwy with cruise control I was getting over 27 mpg. Best thing in my opinion is ONSTAR navigation. Press the onstar button then tell the person where you want to go. They download turn by turn directions to the center of your speedometer and also to your navigation device maps. A nice woman's voice comes on speaking these directions to your destination while telling you which side of the road it is located on. No programing required. Just tell the real live person answering the onstar button your address that you want to go to or any point of interest that you may be interested in. Techies not needed Fit and finish on this care is also amazing. This is my first GM care in over 35 years. What a pleasure it is to ride in the comfort of this auto


Wow, I cant beleive I bought a Cadillac

I have owned my for 1 month now, I absolutely love it. I previous had a Chevy Monte Carlo with a V8, so stepping down in the performance was a bit of a change, but I so stepped up in luxury. I have the Crystal Red with black interior. It is a very sweet ride. I think for the other crossovers out there this is worth the look, and even test drive. Once I drove it I was sold.


I Love This Caddy

I never thought I would ever go back to an American car, but here I am with the Caddy. When I wanted to replace my 2004 Toyota Highlander V6 AWD (rode fine after 125K miles, but the cheap and failing interior was getting to me), I started looking in the crossover SUV category. I also wanted a more "luxurious" model, and the only two with exterior styling that appealed to me were the Caddy SRX and the Infiniti FX35. The Caddy looks great inside and out, is extremely comfortable and quiet, and comes with a lot of features. I got the AWD Luxury edition, which has everything I could possibly need, including dual zone climate control, heated seats, parking assist, bluetooth and XM radio. Although there are way more buttons in the center console than I've had in my other cars, they are easy enough to use once you get used to them. I also love the handling of the car, and the steering feels very responsive. I agree with other reviewers that the engine is not the most engaging, but it is fine for the type of driving I do. It has forced me to be a little lighter on the accelerator, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've been averaging about 19 mpg, which is better than I did with the Highlander. As for the Infiniti FX35, although also a great looking car and with a better engine, I just did not feel as comfortable in the driver's seat. It was also $7,500 more similarly equipped and recommends premium gas. So, a month into my new Caddy, I still love it. My wife says I have never been as attached to a car before. I highly recommend this Caddy.


loving it

So far, I'm loving this car. I had the 2004 SRX. My, what a different car! This one is sporty and cute. I have black with black interior. I love the big grill on the front, rain sense wipers, the big sunroof, heated seats, xm radio, ipod connection, etc. Great job, Cadillac!