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1998 Chevrolet Blazer consumer reviews

$21,713–$25,226 MSRP range
side view of 1998 Blazer Chevrolet
66% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.5
  • Interior 3.8
  • Performance 3.6
  • Value 3.8
  • Exterior 4.0
  • Reliability 3.5
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One tough little suv

They are putting windmills on our roads and we had 2feet ruts in our whole road with mud and water all spring and this little suv handled it all spring in the winter it handles snow drifts as high as the hood when chevy built this vehicle they had their crap together


Exactly what I was looking for!

I have been searching for a Blazer in this condition for a year. Great vehicle! Only drawback is poor gas mileage. Best mid sized SUV ever made.



I love these vehicles they have always pulled me out of whatever I have got myself in to lol. When I first started driving and still even now wonderful vehicles!


Good running car.

Runs good. Replaced motor 6 months ago.Purchased in 2009. No noise in engine. Regular oil changes. No major body damage.


Worst car I've ever owned

Good for short trips but it will cripple you if you go on a longer trip because it's so uncomfortable. It drives like a boat, 70 mph is almost scary. And it will drain the fuel tank in no time at that speed. I also had the typical fuel pump problem. If you want a cheap 4x4 this is probably a good car, but as a daily driver not so much.



We have had about 6 blazers in the family. All have been a good vec. great tow and work truck, good ride.



This is not a well made vehicle. Problems with fuel pumps are common ($900 repair), as are clogged spider injectors (also $900). I spoke with 3 mechanics who all said they saw these Blazers for these issues all the time, especially years 97-98. (My tow truck driver said his brother had to replace the fuel pump 3 times during the life of his earlier model Blazer.) When the vehicle is working, ride comfort is not good, noise levels are extremely high, handling is atrocious, and the vehicle just feels plain clunky. Avoid!


Best first car

Parents bought it new, i drove it after it was already 12 years old and besides for the stains on the floors its as good as new. 86,000 miles on it and it runs like a beauty.


Good starter

This is a great starter car, very reliable, never had any problems with it, and is great off roads.


You won't be disappointed

Bought New in '98. If you have had water pump problems its because of Dex-cool. Any other recurring problems are so easily fixed - Do it yourself and buy GOOD replacement brands! I have only ever had to do major maintenance once - Intake manifold gasket. The AC dies under warranty which is on par for GM vehicles (Expect this) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS VEHICLE AND WANT TO MAKE IT LAST FOREVER!!! This vehicle has a nice interior, it is very comfortable and the AC (With the cheap Delphi compressor replaced with an AC Delco) is very cold, sometimes even too cold. The electric mirrors don't work any more, they died after about 8 years, but the defrosters still work. Engine still has plenty of power after 145K miles, EASY TO REPAIR!! EASIER TO TUNE-UP THAN MY '95 S10! My maintenance: (Routine stuff not listed. i.e. brakes, oil, filters, consumable parts) -AC Compressor -Parking brake pedal assy -Front Wiper Motor (once, then never again) -4-wheel drive switch (got rear-ended & my coffee went into it and made it stick) -Intake manifold gasket -3 waterpumps (Before I changed from Dex-cool to the old school coolant, since then: never) -Repaired 1 rust spot Pretty good for 145K in my opinion. None of them were too hard. More time consuming than hard. Longest was 5 days and that was intake manifold gasket + all the upper gaskets just because I was in the neighborhood.