2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV consumer reviews

$27,800 starting MSRP
side view of 2023 Bolt EUV Chevrolet
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior 4.9
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value 4.9
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.9
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Have had our Bolt for a year and my wife and I love it! We ended up selling our ICE car as after three months no one wanted to drive it - hard to go from wonderful regenerative breaking to ICE "free wheeling" driving by brakes. One year and not any problems at all. Saved $1100 on fuel and it's now tax time so I can use my $7500 credit. Love Love Love it.


First EV and I'm Loving It

I bought my Bolt EUV in Dec. 23' and I am loving every minute I'm in this car. My wife has a new Kia Soul (with more add-ons than my Bolt) and the Bolt is a much better ride than the Kia. With the battery under the car, it keeps the car grounded while in motion. Bumps aren't very noticeable. It accelerates very well when taking off. I use the regen paddle (don't use the one pedal driving) to slow down and stop the car. People say it's a small car and I would say it's a tall car. It's pretty spacious. I charge at work for free and I live in an apartment, so I don't have any charging at home. I live 5 miles from work, so I drive basically 10 miles per day, so I don't have to charge for 2-3 weeks. I would have liked if the DC fast charging would've been better for road trips, but I'm okay with local driving. I'll figure out road trips if/when that happens.



This is my first EV. I’m very impressed with EVERYthing about this car. Words like: Easy, Comfortable, Fun, Economic, Sporty and so many more that are currently escaping my brain. Want to switch to EV? This is The ONE! Prices right; an excellent introduction to the world of EV. I’m 69, I’ve been driving for 53 years and this is the BEST car I’ve ever owned!!


Love my Bolt EUV

I love this car. The driving experience with one foot driving (regen when you lift foot of the accelerator) is awesome and mine came with automatic lane control which is great. The acceleration is sports car fast and the interior is roomy. The long range makes range anxiety a non-issue and the range/price combination is unique.


Fantastic vehicle.

So far this car has been excellent. It's really fast an the infotainment system is great. Only thing I don't like about it is that the heater kind of zaps the battery. I live in Texas so it's not a big deal 363 days out of the year and I've never had range anxiety. Running the AC doesn't seem to cause the same issue. I hope the next lineup of EVs have a heat pump.


Drives With A Whisper!

I picked up my Bolt EUV Premier the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The last five days of driving from my home from the higher elevation east of Albuquerque, NM into town has been incredibly enjoyabe! The Bolt whisers down the highway only consuming 7 miles of charge down the moutain...and 25 mile up...using 32 miles of charge (engergy) giving me plenty of range for the perfect commuter car!


I'm in love with the Bolt EUV

I LOVE my Chevy Bolt EUV. I got all the packages including Super Cruise, and you could pry this car out of my cold dead fingers. Not only is it the best-priced EV anywhere, but it drives itself on the interstate. It has the best tech - just everything works really well, and it is thoughtfully designed. I love the interfaces on the tablet "monitors', both the driver panel behind the steering wheel and the main tablet with the controls for the car. It is integrated with Google Maps! Nice job, Chevrolet. The overall interface (software) is just tops. I like that you can start the car from inside your house for those cold mornings (as long as you spring for the $30 a month service), and also the fact that it warms your seats and your steering wheel to the temperature you already have set with no extra commands. You can totally SKIP putting a hot spot in your car. It costs extra $15 a month and the hot spot isn't worth spit anyway; it continuously hangs. Also, I had a dreadful ordeal with using the GM/Chevrolet incentives for electric vehicles. You can choose from $1000 credit to install a home charger, or a $1000 credit to use any EVgo public re-charging station. I had two major problems with this incentive process - and the incentives were important to me and did factor into my decision to purchase the car, so not being able to use them feels like a good ol' fashioned bait and switch. One, they require you to use one their own QMerit installers to install the level 2 charger in your home. It took FOREVER to get a response from their electricians, and when I finally did, the installer stood me up after making an appointment with me, then told me that he only needed the answer to three questions from me to give me an estimate anyway ... AND they were questions I had already answered ... so why make an unnecessary appointment with me only to not show up? Then, when I did receive (at long, long last) the actual estimate, it came in at FIVE TIMES more than my own local electrician! I had had plenty of time waiting around on them to get a second opinion, so I did. So, after waiting on them for over six weeks after the purchase of the year, which is a lot of time and expense using public chargers, I went ahead and installed a level 2 charger at my home on my own anyway. So, then GM/Chevrolet switched me to the $1000 EVgo public charging station credit incentive, which leads me to problem number two. The nearest EVgo station from me is further than the range of my elecric vehicle, so .... not exactly viable. In fact, when you go to the EVgo website, it brings up a map with all these chargers all over the United States. But, if you read the fine print, you will learn that these are "planned" chargers! A bit deceptive. The whole thing was time consuming, frustrating, expensive, and felt like they were being untruthful in their advertising. However, I do live in a mid-size population area where there aren't that many EV's yet. You would likely have a better experience with this if you lived near a population center like Chicago, New York, or LA. Even with those two complaints, I LOVE this car SO MUCH.


Great car great value

I've had my car for about a year. It is a fun to drive. I have no regrets and wish Chevy wasn't losing so much money on each car, so they could keep production going. After state and federal rebates this car is an unbelievable deal. My favorite features are one-pedal driving and supercruise.


2023 BOLT EUV Premier Red Line checks the boxes!

I ordered this car in Dec 2022 and received it in May of 2023. I absolutely love this car. It is a fantastic value. I ordered the Premier Sun and Sound package but did not get the auto drive feature which I will never use. It's a great car for under $30K. I use it as a city commuter to drive back and forth to work. I've had it almost six months with zero issues. I charge at home on a 240 volt charger overnight. I go about two weeks before I have to recharge with my commute. I haven't taken it on any long road trips yet, I probably won't plan a long cross country trip in this car. For the rare occasions I will do a long x country trip, I'll rent a gasoline powered car. It handles great, it's agile, easy to park, roomy inside (I'm a tall guy almost six three) and I weigh 220. I fit perfectly in this car with room to spare. I bought a spare tire and wheel and stowed it in the rear tire storage area because I didn't want to ever be without a spare. I also bought the warranty package mostly for windshield protection since a new windshield can cost over $2K. I got the silver RED edition. It looks great. It's not the sexiest car on the road but people who know cars will know it is an outstanding deal and the person driving the car did the research. It gets very high marks for its price point. Remember, it's an economy car, it was designed as an entry point for EVs and GM hit it out of the park with this model. Evidently, earlier models had issues with batteries catching on fire. GM corrected this and the 2023 model has all of the software and firmware upgrades. If you have a chance to buy one....don't hesitate! It's a FANTASTIC deal for city commuters. Probably not suited for off-road at all since it's front wheel drive only but it packs a punch. A 200Hp engine with 266pounds of torque and 0-60 in 6 seconds or so. Not too shabby. All in all, I am very happy with this car. So far, no issues.


As advertised

Only had it for a month, but I really like it. If you drive the speed limit and don't drag race, the range is as good or better than advertised. Really great value compared to competitors. I'll write another review after the winter.