2003 Chevrolet Cavalier consumer reviews

$14,030–$17,030 MSRP range
side view of 2003 Cavalier Chevrolet
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 3.7
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.0
  • Reliability 4.4
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Very good car

Bought brand new in 2003 and put 429000 miles on it before cold killed it.Was STILL getting over 30 miles to the gallon when the main seal gave out because of the cold.Not a fast car or nimble...but very steady and reliable.2.2 eco-tech engine was one of the best engines Chevrolet made as far as reliability.Should have bought 2 of them and put one in storage.


Reason able price for reliable car

I had a pleasant experience with my new purchase. The sales team were helpful and friendly. The car I selected was clean inside and out. It drove smoothly without any noises or tremors. I am very satisfied with my selection. M.B.


one of the most reliable cars Ive ever owned

This car is amazingly reliable.the eco-4 cylinder is econonical and peppy.nothing ever goes wrong with it .it sits out side in minnesota winters and it starts imediately every time.It leaks or burns no fluids or has any other issues.I bought itfrom a family member and got a great deal.It has paid for its self a long time ago.Ihave put 61000 miles on it myself.at 107500 it still runs like a top.It is a nice looking vehicle inside and out.I have the coupe base I would have prefered the sedan ls for theextra amenities.


Great Car

I have a 2003 Cavalier and it has been a great vehicle. Never had any issues with it. The LS Sport looks great with fog lamps, chrome wheels, and four doors. I love my Cavy!


Solid and Reliable Car

Sure this car is a little slow off of the starting line due to the immense weight and relatively small engine, but I have 127,000 miles on it and nothing on it has yet to break or need to be replaced other than your standard brakes and tires. It has even survived a head on deer strike and being rear-ended by a semi at 10mph, and still rides smooth and runs perfectly fine. My only complaints are that the clear coat tends to chip off and the oil filter is hard to change. Definitely worth a look if you want a car that will always start and won't break down.


The PERFECT First Car

Despite several warnings from family about the quality of American cars and the fact that I should look into Japaniese, I fell in love with the looks of my 2003 Cavalier LS and had to get it when I saw it sitting in that auction. Having owned the car for almost 3 years I can easily say that it has been the perfect decision that I could've made. I'll make the review simple : 1) Outside appearance : the car is beautiful , with the avaliable chrome wheels, fog lights and sun roof the car looks great and maneges to keep it looks despite being about 10 years old. 2) Interior: it is not BMW , the plastic doesn't really fit everywhere, some shaky parts causing minimum noise and the seats require a nice seat cover to make them look good. Otherwise the steering wheel and transmission handle are well made and feel good to the hand. 3) Performance : HOLY MOTHER OF TORQUE , this car has a crazy push from 0-60 , great low rpm torque and perfect handling for the 140hp you get. Will outrun any honda civic or scion tc out there and do it while giving you some amazing 25mpg city and up to 32(best I got)mpg on the highway. 4) Reliability: You won't need any major repairs besides parts that you would need to replace just like any other car ( fuel pump every 60kmiles, bearings every 50-70k miles) nothing out of the ordinary besides the windows regulators, which are a pain !. Never left me hanging in the street. Keep the oil changes on schedule and you'll be fine. Overall incredible car, will be sad to let it go one day.


Reliable but cheap

I've never been a big fan of cavaliers only getting mine because I was desperate and wanted a car but the one I have is very reliable. 130,040 miles and the only problem ive had with it were minor an inexpensive to fix. I personally want to trade mine in for a different vehicle but that doesnt mean it's not a good car. Its just not for me. The manual windows become annoying after a while, the sound system is horrible, the rear gets really really hot even when the AC is on and mine went out so its literally unbearable. It takes forever to take off and even when it does, its still very slow. I could be going 60mph and feel like im doing 40. But if youre just looking for a small car thats reliable to get from point a to b, this is for u. Im a car enthusiast and am looking for something with the same reliability as the cav but more my type as far as style and performance.


2003 cavalier ls

i got this car for a good prices alwas been good to me. i add aftermarket rims and stuff shift kit it a fast car the engine is sound and is powerful can handel up 2 300 hp stock with right tuneing


nice little car but expensive to fix

I've had this car for about 3 months and it seems like a nice little car. There is room in the front and leg room in the back if front seat is moved forward but the top of the back window is right above your head and if you bounce up your head hits. Car has good performance. Parts and labor seem expensive but maybe not any worse than any other car. I know to replace cable for defrost control the dash has to come out and that is about 5 hours labor. It gets good gas milage and has pep. I'm an older tall male and I find it a little hard to get in and out but for a younger person it probably is not bad. All in all it is really a pretty good car for what it was made for.



This is my 3rd Cavalier ('00 Convert Z24) & I absolutly love them. I've had every one of them run to 125,000+ while I owned it & never had a serious, out-of-the-normal issue with any of them. Super dependable, easy & cheap fixes, drives great in the snow, good gas milage - you take care of it, & it will take care of you. I would highly recommend this car to anyone... even passed down my first 2 to my little sisters.